Case Studies

Time-critical delivery of drilling equipment for an oil platform

A client in the Oil & Gas industry called upon the Air Partner cargo team to transport drilling equipment from Liège to Accra in Ghana. To keep the oil platform running, the delivery was time-critical. Securing the first availability on board a cargo aircraft bound for Africa was essential.

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Delivery of oversized engine for a widebody long-range aircraft

The transport of an aircraft engine destined to the US for maintenance was arranged by our logistics experts. To fit the oversized aircraft engine into the B747F aircraft, everything had to be calculated down to the centimetre - with just a 5 cm clearance remaining between the engine and the door.

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AOG on a Mediterranean Island

When a commercial aircraft became stranded in Sicily due to a bird strike, our cargo experts were called upon and came to the rescue. Despite the busy holiday season, our Cargo Team managed to provide the spare parts and exchange the engine, damaged by a bird strike, in record time.

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