Ebola crisis 2014 - 2015

Since the outbreak of Ebola in March 2014 until the end of the crisis in November 2015, numerous NGO’s, governments and aid agencies reached out to Air Partner to help provide the affected regions (Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia) with relief goods via cargo charter.


Key facts

Situation: Epidemic of highly contagious illness at destinations

Cargo: Large volume of various types of vital aid and relief supplies

Solution: A total of 128 flights between Europe, the US and Middle East and Sierra Leone and Monrovia, Liberia



The highly contagious nature of Ebola made the provision of aid extremely difficult, particularly from a logistical perspective as huge parts of the airports had been closed and the ground crew were prohibited from loading the aircraft.


SolutionAir Partner worked closely with our clients to provide the affected regions with vital supplies. Due to the various types & large volume of cargo that needed to be moved, AN12 to B747-400F were used. The freight team operated a total of 128 flights between Europe, the United States and Middle East and Freetown, Sierra Leone and Monrovia, Liberia. At the peak of the crisis the group were operating flights every 48 hours carrying medical equipment and supplies, vehicles, construction materials and protective clothing. The team were also responsible for transporting plasma using refrigerated temperature controlled envirotainers.

In total we flew 3,400 tons of aid for our clients across 128 flights which included 150 ambulances, over 1,400 beds, more than a million safety suits, a whole 92 bed medical treatment facility; including ambulances, tents, generators, air conditioning units and lighting sets, blankets, tarpaulins, sleeping pads, water tanks and jerry cans. Air Partner was able to use its extensive experience to provide air charters in the face of these highly challenging circumstances and the cargo on these flights was essential to the fight against Ebola.

Having an extensive network of relationships and working around the clock, allowed us to best service our customer and secure flight permits for landing overseas to ensure the shipments were delivered rapidly.


When it comes to helping our customers globally with aid and relief cargo we have a large amount of experience delivering supplies and materials to areas impacted from catastrophic damage. Delivering urgent freight via charter is something that we are well versed in, with a global network and a 24/7 support team, we are always available to offer you a reliable service to meet your deadlines.

We will respond within 20 minutes of your request to ensure any relief goods, medical or other equipment will reach their destination as soon as possible.