Charter Carbon Offsetting

Carbon Offsetting

We offer you and your business the opportunity to give back to the planet by offsetting your flight emissions. 


Introducing our programme

The global aviation industry generates CO2, contributing to climate change, which is one of the biggest global challenges we face right now. That is why we are working with Climate and Development experts ClimateCare, to allow you to offset emissions for any flight you take with us. By offsetting the carbon emissions from your flight, you will be supporting projects that not only cut carbon but also alleviate poverty and improve lives.

How it works

When you book your flight

Let your dedicated Account Manager know that you wish to offset your carbon emissions.

We'll do the calculation

Your Account Manager will calculate the emissions based on the variables of your flight – the duration and the aircraft category.

Seamless payment

Your carbon offsetting payment will then be added onto the cost of your flight.

You're ready to offset

ClimateCare will then offset these emissions through projects that cut carbon and improve lives.

The projects you’ll help to support

The projects have been selected to provide a combination of the highest quality emission reductions whilst also delivering the most sustainable development impact. These projects include:

  • Providing rural communities with clean energy through wind farms around the world
  • Providing clean-burning stoves to families in Kenya that reduce fuel costs, harmful air pollution and emissions
  • Bringing safe water to households and schools through affordable and sustainable Aqua Clara water filters


How will my carbon emissions be calculated?

We have categorised carbon emissions on a varying scale per aircraft category type. This allows us to be as accurate as possible when calculating your carbon emissions. Our calculations include conservative assumptions, giving you peace of mind and additional reassurance that your total carbon emissions for your flight will be offset.

Why is your carbon offsetting programme optional?

Our programme is optional to give our clients the flexibility to choose whether they wish to offset their carbon emissions with us. We understand many of our clients already have their own schemes in place and may wish to opt out on this basis.

I would like to know more about the projects I'd be supporting

The projects you will be contributing towards are high-quality projects delivering significant climate and sustainable development impacts around the world. These include fuel-efficient stoves, water filters and renewable energy. You can find out more about these projects here.

The projects follow the same robust process as set down by the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism. They meet a recognised international standard for emission reductions. These processes ensure that the emissions reductions and social impacts are real and verified.

I would like to find out more about ClimateCare

Formed in 1997, ClimateCare is a market leader in the global carbon markets and climate change sector. ClimateCare and its partners have cut over 43 million tonnes of CO₂ and improved 41 million lives around the world over the last 20 years. You can visit their website here.

What other steps are you taking to reduce your environmental impact?

As a company, we are committed to understanding and improving the impact of our operations on the environment and society. Please visit our group website here to find out what other steps we are taking to reduce our environmental impact.