Keeping the automotive industry moving with dedicated air charters

To avoid costly production delays, our Freight team were called upon to arrange a series of flight solutions to move essential automotive parts in order to keep the production lines of a major European car manufacturer moving and avoid costly disruptions to their summer production.

The team began to arrange the time-critical charter flights out of Belgrade (BEG) and into Gothenburg and Oostende. The time-sensitive nature of the shipments meant ensuring the smooth coordination of obtaining the required permits and negotiating slots at BEG airport to avoid further delays. Our Freight experts are well-versed in dealing with time-sensitive operations, and after proactively speaking to handlers and authorities were able to have the flights depart for their destinations, on time.

As production requirements began to increase, the team looked for an additional route to maximise the charter operation and began a series of flights out of Niš airport (INI). The split between these major airports in Serbia helped enable better capacity planning for the shipper and consignee in this urgent situation.

Throughout the 3-month flight programme, our Freight experts successfully arranged over 50 flights utilising a large variety of aircraft from the legendary AN12 workhorse or BAE-146 “whisper jet” to the timeless Metroliner and ultra-economic SF340.

Thanks to our long-standing expertise and our global network, our charter experts were able to provide the client with a successful flight programme. Working tirelessly, day and night with our reputable airline partners to ensure the smooth delivery of each consignment, while providing the client with up-to-date information on the status of their shipments throughout.

When time is of the essence, you can rely on us. We can provide you with a comprehensive proposal within 20 minutes of your request. Whatever the size or weight, your freight can be delivered anywhere in the world.