Onboard courier solutions for time-critical automotive parts

Within days of receiving the urgent request to transport automotive parts, our expert Onboard Courier (OBC) team arranged over 40 dedicated hand-carry shipments on behalf of a long-established client. The automotive parts supplier had to deliver critical supplies to multiple automotive factories around the globe. The parts were urgently needed to avoid costly production line stoppages, so the team worked swiftly to ensure all requirements were in place to avoid further delays.

Upon receiving the parts, some pieces were not in an air transit-ready condition, so our Onboard Courier team prepared the shipments, adding wrapping and protective bags before transport. Each of the consignments was hand-delivered to the required factory on time, and the client was kept informed through every step of the journey.

When time is critical, an onboard courier solution can be the fastest and more cost-efficient way to transport goods when compared to regular airfreight. Thanks to our global network of fully trained professional couriers, many with passports and visas to countries traditionally difficult to access, including a handful of countries where strict entry requirements remain in place due to the coronavirus pandemic. Our Onboard Courier team can support you with the fastest door-to-door solution tailored to your requirements, with couriers on hand and able to fly immediately, accompanying your shipment from pick up to delivery.