VIP cargo charter for urgent automotive parts

When our Freight team received an urgent request to move automotive parts, the team found the most suitable charter aircraft to fit the client's requirements. This 'VIP' shipment sat comfortably inside a Nextant 400XT as it made its journey to a well-known automotive manufacturer in Germany. The cartons, containing front left blinkers, enjoyed a pleasant journey over Europe before being delivered to the factory.

Our experts work with you to find the best and fastest solution available for your cargo. Upon receiving this request, the team reviewed every detail of the shipment and found that utilising this passenger aircraft would offer the client the best solution. Factors including the cabin size, the speed of the aircraft and the proximity of the plane at the time of the request made the Nextant 400XT the ideal choice.

When dimensions allow, passenger jets provide an excellent alternative next to freighter planes. Thanks to their higher speed capabilities compared to propeller planes and the time gain on certain itineraries, several hours can sometimes be saved. In this particular charter, this aircraft choice was 1 hour faster than the freighter type alternative.