AOG charter solution, when every minute counts

An aircraft on the ground creates significant costs every minute it is not in operation, which is why our global network and 24/7 support is invaluable when an AOG situation occurs. 


When an aircraft became grounded at Malaga Airport, our Freight team were called upon to deliver a spare engine urgently before costly implications occurred.


Route: Stansted (STN) – Malaga (AGP)
Aircraft: Antonov 26

Upon receiving the urgent request to transport a spare engine from Stansted to Malaga, our expert Freight team acted quickly to arrange the most efficient charter solution for an airport-to-airport delivery. Based on the dimensions and weight, the team were able utilise an Antonov 26 aircraft to transport the shipment.

Given the time-sensitive nature of the shipment, as well as ensuring that the best aircraft solution was supplied to the client, our Freight team needed to ensure that the aircraft schedule was aligned with the manufacturing facilities delivery time. This meant liaising with multiple partners to ensure everything was in order to provide a smooth operation, at the same time as ensuring the flight permits and customs documentation were in order.

As a result of our global network and the expertise of our Freight team, the aircraft engine was delivered to client way ahead of their expectations. From bespoke aircraft charter to onboard courier (hand-carry) solutions or other freight services, we will provide you with the quickest possible movement, minimising the disruption and costs associated with an aircraft being out of action.