Super Typhoon Yutu, Saipan 2018

Our Freight team was called upon by our client to deliver an array of supplies, equipment, vehicles and tools to re-build Saipan Island after Super Typhoon Yutu.


Key facts

Situation: Category 5 Typhoon

Cargo: Array of supplies, equipment, vehicles and tools to re-build Saipan Island

Solution: 28 flights within a 3 week period to Saipan



Typhoon Yutu was a category 5 “violent and catastrophic” Typhoon that hit the island of Saipan and Rota directly in late October. Yutu became the strongest tropical cyclone to ever impact the Mariana Islands and the second-strongest to strike the United States or its territories as a whole.


SolutionWe operated a total of 28 flights within a period of 3 weeks to Saipan using AN124 and B747F aircrafts. Due to the urgent nature and in order for these operations to run as smoothly as possible, we also had an Air Partner Account Representative on the island of Guam to coordinate the organisation and delivery of all cargo from the appointed freight forwarder of the Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) facility on the island and all aircraft loading and operations.


When it comes to helping our customers globally with aid and relief cargo we have a large amount of experience delivering supplies and materials to areas impacted from catastrophic damage. Delivering urgent freight via charter is something that we are well versed in, with a global network and a 24/7 support team, we are always available to offer you a reliable service to meet your deadlines.

We will respond within 20 minutes of your request to ensure any relief goods, medical or other equipment will reach their destination as soon as possible.