Cargo Automotive Supply Chain Solutions

The Air Partner Cargo team provided time-critical supply chain solutions with air charter for the automotive industry. Due to the COVID-19 disruption, the automotive industry has faced challenges with producing and delivering critical components for car manufacturing, particularly semiconductors and microchips utilized in the production of newer electric car models.

The automotive industry may have typically used ocean shipping to facilitate the transport of raw materials and parts. However, experiencing considerable delays in the current landscape with the pandemic, in order for automotive manufacturers to meet their critical production deadlines, the automotive manufacturers came to Air Partner Cargo for aircraft charter services.

The Air Partner Cargo team began arranging freight aircraft for delivering critical components for vehicle production. In the following weeks ahead, Air Partner would play a vital role in facilitating supply chain transport logistics. Arranging for dozens of chartered flights over the next couple months, the client also needed to move the raw materials necessary to produce critical car components for electric vehicles, and also to move those finished components to the manufacturers.

Air Partner arranged for dozens of wide-bodied aircraft (including B747F and B777F) on a weekly basis, for both international and domestic deliveries.

The advantages of air charter proved to be a quicker method than ocean transport, saving time and costs. Since Air Partner has been conducting flights to and from China throughout the pandemic, we were able to offer the client a turnkey solution for their international cargo requirements and the most reliable service. Our charter specialists customize flights based on any schedule, and are able to deliver a completely unique long-term aircraft solution based on our client's budget and goals, while helping to expedite their scheduling needs.

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