Air Evacuation

Your safety is our priority and during increasingly turbulent times, duty of care to employees has become paramount. To safeguard your people, we offer you contingency planning contracts for an air emergency evacuation that allows you to plan for the unexpected. 


Peace of mind in times of crisis

We provide contingency planning for air evacuations that dovetail into your existing plans, or we will create stand-alone contracts that can be implemented immediately by our 24/7 dedicated response team. No two plans are alike, and each is unique to your business.

With direct access to various security and medical contacts throughout the industry we can provide firsthand intelligence. With a network of contacts on the ground throughout the world, such as ground handling agents at scores of airports, experienced pilots and non-governmental organizations, we are ready to go at a moment's notice.

Detailed plans include:

  • Airfield access and capabilities, runway data, operating hours, international facilities, fire support and local operator availability.
  • Consideration of alternative airfields, diplomatic clearances and overland routes.
  • Researched destinations, a range of regional safe havens, airports with suitable transit facilities.
  • Plans are customized to meet the individual client’s needs. Including departure or arrival requirements and evacuation support.

Your detailed plan

  • Access to our service is via annual, part-annual, or multi-year contracts for global cover or named countries only.
  • We rapidly source aircraft including private jets, helicopters, large commercial aircraft, air ambulances, and freighters globally.
  • Priority phone line to our global 24/7 operations center; customized air evacuation plans, and participation in your emergency exercises.
  • Personal, named contact service and highly flexible options.
  • Tabletop exercises and drills as well as debriefs after any evacuation flight included.

What our customers say


Our dedicated Account Managers go above and beyond to create personalized flights around you for a seamless experience.


We continue to set the benchmark for safety in aviation, which is why our Quality Management System far exceeds industry standards.


Founded in 1961, we have more experience than any other provider so you can trust you're in safe and reliable hands