COVID-19 Outbreak

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

With the COVID-19 outbreak beginning in Wuhan, our global team has responded to requests coming from our existing client base to transport a number of different commodities into and out of Asia. At Air Partner, our global Freight team has worked closely across each of our divisions, which include our Emergency Planning Division, Private jets, and Group Charter to stay as up to date with the unfolding COVID-19 epidemic.

Key facts

Situation: Pandemic of highly contagious illness arising across the globe

Cargo: Hygiene & Medical Supplies, including large amounts of sanitization products and PPE

Solution: Arranging chartered flights for individual requests and series of weekly cargo flights



With an unprecedented issue in its early stages, as the novel coronavirus began to speread across the globe, many restrictions for air travel began to affect normal operations. The impact of COVID-19 on  aircraft availability for a timely international delivery might impact a time-critical response, with many sudden hourly changes affecting nearly every industry.



For transporting hand sanitizer products from the US to China, our team was responsive to any time constraints, and constantly informed by our global network for any changing travel restrictions. Understanding the significant impact on the client's business, which needed to meet the local requirements in order to serve the public, our team worked quickly to arrange the charter of two Boeing 747F aircraft, going from the US to China.

All permits, loading and compulsory processes were handled by our team to ensure a smooth operation. A dedicated Freight team member was available on site for loading and coordination of the aircraft. The client was kept up-to-date throughout the delivery and were made aware of the timings for the delivery. With impending travel restriction requirements, our team was able to solve a number of documentation issues, using our collective experience and worldwide relationships to get the aircraft airborne and without any delay.

Our team then arranged for a series of charter for weekly cargo flights going from US to China, despite the impacts on aircraft availability. In order to deliver urgent cargo containing large steel drums of liquid chemicals for sterilizing agent, our team arranged multiple Boeing 777Fs.

Additionally, as the pandemic further ensued, our team handled charter for multiple cargo flights going to and from US, Europe and China. COVID-19 relief supplies include large quantities of hospital beds and sanitized rooms, personal protective equipment, including face masks and shields and safety suits and medical equipment from China to the US

Having an extensive network of relationships and working around the clock, allowed us to best service our customer and secure flight permits for landing overseas to ensure the shipments were delivered rapidly.


When it comes to helping our customers globally with aid and relief or healthcare cargo, we have a large amount of experience delivering supplies and materials to areas impacted, including remote destinations or areas that may be be difficult to access. Delivering urgent freight via charter is something that we are well versed in, with a global network and a 24/7 support team, we are always available to offer you a reliable service to meet your deadlines.

We will respond upon your request to ensure any relief goods, medical or other equipment will reach their destination as soon as possible.