A case study on the transport of a time-critical air cargo for a customer in the oil & gas industry to make sure their production runs without interruptions

Thursday, September 8, 2022

With disruptions caused by the sea freight crisis, a client recently turned to Air Partner for the transportation of a turbine from Brussels to Los Angeles by air.

To ensure the client could keep their production running, our Freight team devised an alternative solution and route which led from Europe over Southeast Asia to Los Angeles. The turbine was fully secured to avoid movement using approximately 180 straps.

gas turbine in a bulky wooden box fixed as a center-load by hundreds of straps inside an aircraft

Due to its weight, two heavy-weight cranes (50 tons) and two high-capacity loaders were also necessary to safely load the cargo onto the aircraft.

two heavy-weight cranes which just set a bulky box with very heavy content onto two high-capacity loader loading a plane from the front

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