Fast, reliable air charter solutions to meet supply chain demands

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Ongoing Covid-related issues at seaports, the reduction in container capacity, extremely high transport rates and unpredictable transit times are all causing major disruption in sea freight shipping. These ongoing issues are making many industries look for alternative means to transport their goods as suppliers try to meet the ongoing increase in consumer demand.

In a recent charter operation, a well-known clothing manufacturing company contacted our Freight team to request an air charter solution to transport their goods from Asia to Europe. Having previously used sea freight for much of their shipping requirements, the ongoing disruptions within the industry meant air charter was the most viable option. Our expert Freight team were able to provide the client with a suitable transport solution, utilising B777 and A330 passenger to freight aircraft. From initial request through to delivery, the goods were delivered door-to-door within just six days.

As we continue to experience ongoing issues with supply chain disruption, air charter offers a fast and reliable transportation option. More industries are looking for alternative ways to ship their goods, especially as suppliers look to fulfil orders in the lead-up to Christmas. If you’re looking for a fast, reliable and secure way to move freight anywhere in the world, our Air Partner Freight team are available 24/7 to find the most suitable cargo charter aircraft to fit your requirements. From full aircraft charter, part charter, Express Air Freight and Onboard Courier services, we continue to provide our clients with reliable freight aircraft solutions, keeping cargo moving around the globe.