The advantages of air cargo charter: From a niche market to essential needs

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Pandemic times have permanently altered the landscape for essential business and trade around the globe. Entire industries, especially aviation, were forced to adjust their typical modes for operating, while adapting quickly to keep supply chains moving during a global crisis. As it relates to the transport of essential cargo, air charter has become an unsung hero over the past year, providing complex project management expertise and the ability to access even the most hard-to-reach, remote destinations with exceptional speed. A niche market under normal circumstances, air charter has quickly become the clear choice for governments, corporations and global businesses that require solutions for cargo transport, especially when there are challenging situations.

COVID-19 brought peak disruption during 2020's spring and summer months, and when the virus epicenter shifted across the globe, from the eastern world to western world, our dedicated Freight division at Air Partner have played a crucial role in moving PPE, medicines and vaccine supplies, COVID-19 test kits, and other essential items swiftly and efficiently. We understand that being able to respond quickly, at the minute level, makes the difference for essential cargo transport, especially during a time when airline cargo capacity may be diminished and/or timelines may be tight.

While the airline industry is still in recovery, air charter offers an advantageous opportunity for leading industries, and we can provide unique capabilities and full-charter or part-charter services as a powerful, ongoing solution to the transport of cargo. Here are a few important ways our global air charter services provide additional assurances for your upcoming cargo transport:


Firstly, a charter broker is constantly vetting the airlines for their financial and operational reliability. As a result, brokers mitigate risks on behalf of their clients by checking the airport stability, coordinating with handling companies, checking weather forecasts, processing all permit applications, and having a back-up plan to counter any unavoidable issues.

In addition, at Air Partner, all clients work with a dedicated team of air charter specialists who are available 24/7 to coordinate every aspect of their cargo’s transportation – from aircraft booking to on-site logistics. Clients can trust they will always be provided the most efficient options, ensuring steadfast support in time-critical freight operations and consistency in supply chains.


Whether it be a well-known flag carrier or an obscure private aircraft operator, a charter broker has access to more aircraft options suited for different cargo types and sizes, including oversized, heavy lift, and break bulk cargo. This includes specializations across industries such as high-value cargo (VAL + VUN), dangerous goods, animal transport, oil & gas, automotive and more. A major benefit of working with our air charter experts is their ability to tailor flights and flight programs based on your specific needs, while seeing projects through from start to finish.

At the onset of the pandemic, when the airline industry grinded to a halt, Air Partner’s Freight team was quickly able to answer a surge in demand for capacity and expand charter operations from 1 to 2 flights a week to 75 flights over a 10 week period to Wuhan, China the then-epicenter of COVID-19. Regardless of the complexity, we have the ability to scale our comprehensive and time-critical solutions, including on-site logistic and door-to-door delivery, in order to accommodate a wide range of cargo requirements anywhere in the world.

Reach out to one of our team members to learn more case-specific industry solutions.


Air charter has proven to be a successful method of transport for the most complex, urgent deliveries throughout the pandemic, as well as for the long-term. This includes meeting the specific transport needs for sensitive and time-critical items such as COVID-related supplies, materials and equipment.

Air Partner carried out hundreds of cargo flights in the fight against COVID-19, including those that required highly regulated and temperature-controlled specifications, such as the urgent transportation of more than 5,000 experimental COVID-19 test kits from South Korea to Washington, D.C. Test kits were shipped under highly regulated specifications in temperature-controlled containers and required hourly temperature checks to ensure control throughout the flight.

As experts in meticulous logistics planning for part, full or series air charter scheduling, we ensure the proper management for all special handling requirements, timely regulatory approvals, diplomatic clearance channels for international routes, permits, airport transfers and ground transportation logistics to ensure complete precision and a smooth operation for timely and efficient transport.


Especially in times of crisis or urgent situations (even beyond COVID-19), many turn to charter as the only viable option for cargo transportation. Compared to other modes of transportation, air charter stands out as the best end-to-end solution that gives clients more control of their cargo shipment.

In the event that there is a vast diminished airline cargo capacity, as was evident during the pandemic due to the loss of belly cargo operations on passenger aircraft, full charter may be the only option that allows scale to meet the demand. And as the world continues to find new ways to adjust, we are helping our customer reach their goals more readily, while making them fully aware of their most ideal options for global air cargo transport, whether for a single charter request or a more long-term cargo project.

Distinguished by our 60 years in business, our team at Air Partner is committed to helping our clients in a wide range of industries keep their businesses moving when it matters most and have a plan in place for the future. Learm more about Freight aircraft charter services, and contact us for a quote at any time.


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