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Monday, February 1, 2021

Through the pandemic, while much of the aviation world was impacted by the continuous changes imposed across international travel, the need to travel for critical business remained. As a result of this, we saw an increase in those looking to private jet charter for the first time, as they looked for a more secure, safe and reliable way to fly. Although the return to business travel to pre-pandemic levels is likely to take some time, when business travel does resume we expect more businesses to seek private travel than before.

Here are five reasons why more businesses are choosing to travel privately.

Added safety

Your safety is our top priority. Through the pandemic, we ensured that all our flights had strict procedures in place, including PPE, deep-cleaning the aircraft and ensuring social distancing was adhered to by all flight crew on all our flights. As we emerge in a post-COVID world safety remains an essential part of how we travel. Working closely with our Safety & Security division, we will always ensure that we adhere to the latest security and safety measures so you can always travel with peace of mind.

Greater flexibility

Private jet travel has always offered a great degree of flexibility, especially when it comes to business travel where plans can sometimes change at short notice. Our JetCard membership program offers its members the ultimate in flexibility, including guaranteed availability in 24 hours, no extra fees to amend or cancel your flight, an all-inclusive hourly rate, and many more member benefits. Available from 10 hours or more, however frequent you might need to travel for business now or in the future, there is a membership option to suit you.

Choose your own schedule

Travelling for business can sometimes mean travelling to multiple cities within the same trip. When you choose to travel privately, you can create a schedule that fits you and your program of meetings. Your dedicated Account Manager will tailor your private flights around you, ensuring that you get to each location exactly when you need to be there. And should your itinerary change we can amend your flights to meet your updated schedule.

Save time and avoid queues

With private jet charter, you can avoid the usually busy and crowded international airport hubs and access private terminals for a calmer and quieter travel experience. Save critical time that you would usually spend in lengthy queues, and arrive at your chosen airport just minutes before departure. When you arrive at the airport, you will be escorted through the terminal and security and onto your awaiting aircraft within minutes.

A global network and 24/7 support

Our global reach gives you access to any destination across the world. Our expert team will always advise the best route to your final destination, making use of smaller airports dedicated to private traffic, should it reduce your journey time. And with 24/7 global support, our team are always available.

Private jet charter is proving to be a safer and more convenient way to fly for business travel now and in the future. Our expert team of aviation professionals are available 24/7 for all your business charter needs. Inquire today.

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