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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

With all but essential travel paused, now is a good time to give your travel arrangements greater consideration - to be ready to fly with complete peace of mind when routes open up again. In the time that travel has been restricted many individuals and businesses have paused for thought and placed a greater emphasis on the environmental impact of all forms of travel.

Our current and new customers have recognized the benefits of private jet travel in regard to increased safety and flexibility through the pandemic but we have also seen an increase in interest for a desire to offset carbon emissions from flights.  

Carbon offsetting simply put, allows you to calculate the emissions of your travel and then offset the cost of these emissions and give back to global projects which reduce emissions. We work with Climate and Development experts Climate Care, to allow you to offset your emissions for any flight you take with us. This scheme is a voluntary option, as we recognize that many of our customers make their own separate carbon offsetting arrangements.

Those seeking to take their climate action further may be interested to know about the carbon conscious planning approach at The Modern Concierge.  Since 2014, Air Partner has collaborated with The Modern Concierge in organizing global meetings by private jet and as destination specialists for Florence, Scotland and Ibiza. Their new travel management company giantLEAP introduces a whole new level of climate action possibilities that can be customized to your unique travel plans. Founder, Mr. Jackie Gallagher still organizes all trips and personally provides expert support in real time as you travel. He says: "Kermit the frog’s famous quote ‘It’s not easy being green’ is no longer true - the partnership between Climate Care and Air Partner means that the process of offsetting the carbon emissions from your private flight is now as simple as instructing your Air Partner Account Manager. But there is no magic wand. All forms of travel produce emissions which is why they are called ‘unavoidable emissions’.

"We are already witnessing the exponential growth in choice and availability of sustainable fuel mixes and it is likely within the next ten years we will begin to see the zero emissions future of electric/clean powered private jets. It is important to understand that the next ten years will also see a change in regulatory frameworks (likelihood of compulsory offsetting) and simultaneously increased pressure of opinion (cancel culture) regarding all forms of air travel.

"Inspired by this movement, in 2020 we completely re-formed our business and services to work exclusively on carbon conscious private travel projects. That means a lower carbon planning service covering the entire circle of your travel plans, not just the flight. Our idea is about enabling your climate values and better aligning these with your actual travel plans. We consult with you (no jargon, no preaching) about how far you wish to take your climate action by highlighting lower carbon choices throughout the planning process and detail. We work closely with Air Partner on aircraft choice and flight optimization to ensure the greatest efficiency in the air. We work with you to make sustainable carbon swaps throughout your entire trip. From switching to hybrid or fully electric cars for transfers or hire to hotels or accommodation offering a low carbon experience with no plastic in your suite and reduced housekeeping to every other day as just some examples. The outcome limits your travel carbon emissions from the outset, plus, our carbon offsetting solutions are as bespoke as your travel plans. Together we look at pre-vetted climate projects and you choose which you would like to support with your carbon offsetting activity.

"We meticulously manage the carbon offsetting process, with auditable offsets recorded in your name just as we meticulously manage every single detail and aspect for your trip.

"You are probably reviewing your plans in light of COVID, so it’s the perfect moment to also factor in the climate, whether you are planning a private family vacation or a global private meeting, we can help."

If you seek to take your climate action further, and want to explore more the idea of door to door carbon offsetting, find out more about automatically carbon offsetting your next flight.

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