Managing High-Level Air Charter Operations with Eric Terrell

Wednesday, February 28, 2024


Eric Terrell - Group Charter USBased out of our Washington DC office, Eric Terrell, Director of Business Development on the Air Partner Group Charter US team, is well versed in the important factors that are necessary to manage high-level charter operations, from the obvious to the small details only a seasoned professional would point out.

Eric joined Air Partner after working as a consultant in the aviation charter business since 2011. No stranger to the Capitol, prior to his role, he spent his career in compliance and accounting for three presidential campaigns, in addition to various congressional and mayoral races.  He served as Director of the White House Travel Office from 2001-2003, where his daily role entailed coordination with numerous entities around the world.  Eric finished his government service as Director of the Foreign Press Center at the US Department of State.

Below, Eric shares with us a few insights about managing high-level air charter operations with Air Partner.

What matters most to you when it comes to service delivery? Eric: Safety always tops the list. When we receive an urgent request, we don't simply acknowledge it without due diligence. Instead, we believe in honest and transparent communication. We inform our clients about potential obstacles and limitations, along with possible solutions to fulfill their needs.

For clients with unique or complex itineraries involving large groups, we take the lead in guiding the conversation. Recognizing that not everyone has a background in aviation, we ask the necessary questions to ensure the smoothest experience.

In essence, service delivery is about understanding your client's needs, effective communication, and diligent follow-up.

As a leader in aviation, we invest more in the aircraft marketplace than our competitors, providing us with an edge in negotiating prices. Additionally, our strong relationships enable us to deliver operational excellence for our clients. We continue to improve our offerings and services globally and grow through word-of-mouth.

Why do clients turn to Air Partner for their charter requirements? Eric: Air Partner has established a track record of excellence in charter missions spanning 63 years, making it the go-to choice for clients seeking consistent, reliable service that covers individual and multi-passenger chartered flights to time-critical air cargo transport. Our team’s expertise accounts for the unique challenges customers face, whether it's a federal government agency or presidential campaign, a high-net-worth family, a Fortune 100 company, or an industry leader in the energy or automotive sector. 

What are the most important factors to consider when chartering an aircraft? 

Eric: After safety, the experience takes precedence. Our aim is to ensure the client feels completely taken care of without having to be overly involved in the process.

From the moment they inquire to the completion of their trip, Air Partner handles all aspects seamlessly. We negotiate the best terms possible, manage crew assignments and rotations through our team of brokers and our dedicated 24/7 flight department, coordinate catering, and handle FBO and ground transportation logistics, among other services. Each charter is tailored to perfection, regardless of the itinerary or number of passengers.

What sets Air Partner apart from others?

Passengers boarding commercial airliner charter regional jetEric: At Air Partner, we pride ourselves on being experts in risk mitigation. Above all else, we prioritize client safety and act as trusted safety consultants.

Along with Air Partner's excellent quality management standards for air charter operations, we have a dedicated team member from ARGUS who meticulously vets operators and crews to ensure they meet our rigorous standards.

Our business has thrived for over six decades due to our commitment to delivering the highest level of service in private aviation. We hire brokers with extensive global marketplace experience who embrace our safety culture. And you also won't be surprised to find just how welcoming our team is!


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