In the Cabin with Mirko Zieher: Senior Sales Manager, Germany

Monday, July 24, 2023

In the Cabin with...

Mirko Zieher: Senior Sales Manager, Germany

Whether you’re looking to charter your group from A to B or require a complex shuttle program, Air Partner’s 60 years of aviation experience ensures our experts deliver seamless group charter flight solutions - no matter the destination or group size.

Meet the team who go above and beyond to deliver our clients the best service possible.

We are delighted to interview Mirko Zieher, Senior Sales Manager at Air Partner’s Cologne office. We explored his career so far, why he enjoys working in aviation, and his experience delivering world-class group charter flight solutions.


Can you tell us about your role at Air Partner?

I am the Senior Sales Manager in the German Cologne office and joined Air Partner in 2016. I studied Tourism and Economy and have worked in several sales positions across various industries, from hospitality for cruise lines to sales consultancy.

As a salesman, I find solutions to grow our business. My focus is on group charter and group tickets on scheduled flights, but I also speak to potential customers for our Private Jet services.

People buy from people; personal connections are important. Therefore, I attend many in-person events or conferences. As a business member and director of several associations, I am in contact with members informed about our services and organise regional meetings. We also sponsor flights for many educational trips for event planners.

What key industries do you serve?

A huge portion of bookings come from the event and incentive agencies. We also fly tour operators, sports teams, the automotive industry, governments, VIPs, and corporations. For groups of up to around 30 participants, we book many group tickets on scheduled flights. For larger groups, we recommend a bespoke charter.

Can you talk about a recent charter you and your team worked on?

We just arranged a charter from Germany to Iceland for an incentive group. Our customer booked a buffet at the gate before departure and branding options like logos on the check-in screen, aircraft and in the cabin. Delicious catering was individually prepared for the client for this event.

How do you ensure that you’re meeting the expectations of your clients?

Each company, agency, and project are different; at Air Partner, we work closely with our customers, and a dedicated Account Manager takes care of the client’s needs to understand the role of the flight within the project. That can range from the cheapest transportation to a once-in-a-lifetime luxury flight experience. Safety is our non-negotiable constant.

Why did you choose a career in aviation?

By working in aviation, the planet became smaller for me. We are in contact with the whole world, helping our customers to fly safely and on time and access beautiful destinations.

What are Air Partner’s strengths?

It’s the experience of more than 60 years in this special industry. It’s the good relationships we have with partners. And it’s our global presence of 25 offices around the world, from London, Paris, Milan, Istanbul, Dubai, and Singapore, to our US East and West Coast offices. 

Our customers are convinced that all experienced Air Partner aviation specialists know the market and will find a solution that fits their needs. Safety and security play an important role in why we have so many loyal customers.

Our own flight operations team monitors all flights, and even if something unexpected were to happen, we are available 24/7 to support our customers.

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