A Backstage Pass: How Air Partner Supports the Music, Touring, Film and TV Industries

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

A perfect performance isn't solely about what happens on stage or set; the backstage efforts are equally important, particularly in planning logistics. Whether you are organizing an intricate multi-destination tour, a multi-location shoot, or need to transport performers and their equipment quickly, there’s no room for errors or delays. Enter Air Partner, offering personalized, comprehensive, and reliable charter flight solutions that exceed industry standards.

Let’s learn from our charter experts how Air Partner delivers an extraordinary performance, off-stage and up in the air with our charter offerings:

Private JetsEvery minute counts in the entertainment industry. Tight schedules and last-minute changes demand instant action and quick solutions. Air Partner provides access to a wide range of private jets, available at a moment’s notice, ensuring your VIPs, performers, and entourage travel quickly and seamlessly.

“When it comes to working with the entertainment industry, Air Partner exceeds expectations mainly due to our global network and resources,” says Brandon Keene, Director of Sales for Private Jets US at Air Partner, “we can efficiently manage tours and events worldwide, providing a high degree of care and service. Our extensive network allows us to respond swiftly and adapt to the dynamic needs of the entertainment industry.”

Chartering everything from small light private jets to larger jets and helicopters, we help transport individuals and large entourages to smaller airports closer to performance venues or filming locations. With tailor-made flight schedules and 24/7 support, our expert team provides smooth, comfortable, and swift flights that match the tempo of your entertainment needs.

Brandon shares a memorable experience arranging flights for the entertainment industry. As part of a highly complex mission, he worked on organizing a five-month worldwide music tour with over 70 live segments. “The mission was challenging, with the passengers needing last-minute changes for nearly every segment, which can be expected. Our services are designed to be accommodated flexibly,” stated Brandon.

The Private Jets team carefully oversaw after-midnight departures, catering, ground transportation, and other special requests. “Despite any given challenges, the tour was successful due to our great attention to detail and resourcefulness.”

Recently, Brandon also completed a 2-month music tour across North America. He managed various aspects of the tour, including ground transportation, catering, and security. In addition to the private jet carrying the leading artist, Air Partner also provided cargo services for the band equipment on each tour segment.

According to Brandon, “Everything went smoothly without any issues. In these types of scenarios, there may be the normal one-hour change of departure time by the passengers or updates on personalized catering requests...” The client was highly satisfied with the tour, and they plan to go on another tour later this year with Air Partner, which Brandon is currently organizing.

Group CharterFor large ensembles like orchestras or production crews, we offer group charter services with a seating capacity ranging from 20 to 400 or more; we always source the most appropriate aircraft options for your project. These solutions ensure the whole team travels together, along with all necessary equipment.

With personalized onboard services such as custom catering, entertainment, aircraft branding, and any special requirements, Air Partner offers a unique group charter experience that makes every flight, especially VIP. “We have been flying stars of the stage and screen since the 60s, and we were the choice of charter company for many of the major stars at the time when flying around the UK and Europe. This dedication to delivering seamless and safe service has continued over the last seven decades, including our experience with Heads of State and Royalty,” explains Simon Moore, Senior Vice President for Group Charter US.

Like the Private Jets team, the Group Charter team works closely with tour managers to ensure we know the band's unique schedule and additional requirements, including onboard settings and food and drink preferences. We also ensure that everything is on board to make their journey comfortable. Another essential aspect is coordinating with the Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) to ensure the band's baggage and equipment are handled before arrival - so the aircraft can depart as quickly as possible for their following location, which can be quite important for meeting showtimes and press events. Additionally, we explore using smaller, suitable airports that may be closer to the venues to reduce ground transportation times and expedite the logistics.

The Group Charter team collaborates closely with our additional services, such as Cargo, to fulfill any additional requirements for group travel.

Cargo Charter

Our comprehensive cargo solutions handle everything from delicate musical instruments to cumbersome production equipment, ensuring each item arrives safely at the desired location. 

With every project, we also ensure a meticulous climate control process for instruments and special equipment during transportation across different climates. For high-valued items, we offer On Board Courier (OBC) services, securing your precious equipment travels under the expert supervision of professionally trained couriers.

Last year, Air Partner Cargo conquered major tours across five continents, ranging from massive stadium tours to intimate acoustic sessions. “We overcame all challenging logistics and obstacles, and we were able to meet razor-thin deadlines with ease. Because at Air Partner Cargo, we know that while the show must go on, it cannot without the cargo!” states Joe Lacek, Account Director for Cargo US.

Furthermore, Air Partner manages all aspects of logistics, from loading and unloading support to preparing documentation and customs clearances to offering secure transfers between airports and venues. “Musical tours and large productions often travel on tight schedules with a high volume of expensive and sensitive equipment. Not only is it time-critical, but it is logistics heavy,” explains Joe. “The speed and efficiency of air charter provide the top solution for meeting tight schedules for productions and tours. All the while providing the highest level of safety and security for the equipment.” By eliminating these worries through expert service, the managers, artists, directors, and crew members can focus on what they do best - creating extraordinary performances.

Personalized Services from Air PartnerFor each booking, a dedicated Account Manager goes above and beyond to create your unique experience. This 24/7 support, before, during, and after trips, along with coordination of custom arrangements, is invaluable when managing the demanding requirements of the entertainment industry.

With more than 60 years of experience in the aviation industry and trusted by leading performers and production companies, Air Partner is more than just a flight charter company; we are committed to making every tour, show, film, or series an extraordinary experience, both on the ground and in the air. Fly with Air Partner – and let your show begin.

Contact our charter experts today to learn more about how our personalized flight solutions can support your next extraordinary performance.


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