JetCard FAQs

General Questions

How does a jet card program work?

A jet card program is suited to frequent fliers who need flexibility and prefer to pay a fixed hourly rate, rather than live market prices. Our JetCard program offers fully inclusive fixed hourly rates across all six aircraft categories with no hidden costs. You can purchase 25 hours or more, which are debited from your account balance as you fly. You can purchase more hours as you wish. In addition to this, you have access to flexible benefits, such as guaranteed availability and the ability to cancel the day before with no charge.

What are the benefits of having a jet card?

Our JetCard program offers the ultimate flexibility. Benefits include; guaranteed availability with as few as 24 hours’ notice, cancel 7am the day before you fly, no peak day charges, no expiry date on your hours, 15% discount on qualifying round trips and unlimited users. Your fixed hourly rate is inclusive of all costs including positioning, handling fees, de-icing etc. Find out more about JetCard here.

How many people can I fly with my JetCard?

 You have an unlimited number of users on your JetCard.

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