Air Cargo Charter FAQs

General Questions

What information do you need from me?

The information that we require from you for a cargo charter quotation are as follows: 

  1. Time and date for when your cargo is ready for carriage 
  2. Pick up & delivery address
  3. Cargo commodity and value
  4. Total weight, weight per piece, number of pieces & dimensions
  5. Any special handling information

What type of cargo are you flying? 

We are flying any type of cargo, from heavy and outsized cargo to dangerous goods, humanitarian relief goods, livestock, sport & entertainment equipment, secure & high value cargo, automotive, aircraft parts and much more. However substantial or complex the freight is that you need to move, the Air Partner team can handle it. 

Do you offer part charter?

Yes, if you don’t have enough cargo volume to fill an aircraft on a full charter basis, we also offer part-charter options where it is more suitable. 

Do you work directly with operators?

We have local relations with air operators combined with global buying power. In addition, it is important to note, that we do not have any financial interests or alliances with any air operator, therefore we are 100% neutral and we simply offer the most suitable aircraft for each particular project. 

Do you also arrange custom services?

Through the use of 3rd Party customs agents, on request, we are able to arrange the customs clearance of your shipments as part of the charter service.  

Do you take care of airlines permissions?

We work together with airlines and the relevant civil aviation authorities throughout the application process for overflight and traffic rights. When the cargo requires the applications to process through diplomatic channels, we have our diplomatic contacts with whom we can arrange full authorisations.

Can you arrange special loading equipment at the airports?

If a shipment requires any extra equipment in order to onload/offload to/from the aircraft, we can arrange a suitable crane or lifting system as part of the charter offer.

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