Cessna Citation 2 Flies Parents to Son’s Wedding

Friday, November 3, 2023

Our Air Partner private jet team was delighted to help a couple fly from the East Midlands, UK, to Berlin, Germany, to attend their son’s wedding.


Concerned about flying commercially following the COVID-19 pandemic, the client contacted Air Partner to request a private charter. By flying privately, the couple had the added benefit of using private terminals, where the number of interactions and touchpoints from arrival to departure are limited. 

Flying by private jet was the best solution to get the passengers to their unmissable once-in-a-lifetime event in a timely and safe manner whilst also helping to alleviate any traveling fears following the pandemic.


Interior of Cessna Citation CJ2

Taking the client’s requirements into consideration, the private jets team made the necessary arrangements to ensure the passengers felt as comfortable as possible throughout the charter.

The team successfully organized a Cessna Citation 2, one of the most popular light aircraft, to transport them and their luggage. Capable of seating up to 6 passengers, this aircraft’s comfortable modern cabin provided ample space for both passengers to feel at ease throughout their 2-hour flight.

Air Partner clients experience VIP catering on board their private flights. As one of the passengers celebrated their birthday on the day of departure, the team arranged a cake for them to enjoy during the flight, as well as other snacks and beverages.

To safely transport the passengers to and from each airport, the private jets team closely coordinated with flight operations personnel to arrange ground transportation, helping to minimise any unnecessary contact and ensure peace of mind.

The client was delighted with the service provided and the team’s commitment to ensuring their safety.

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