Group Travel for an Incentive Trip

Key Facts

Industry: Automotive
Period: Friday to Monday
Passengers flown: 300
Destination: St. Kitts
Amount of flights: 4


Air Partner worked on an incentive trip on behalf of a large company. We organized the complete journey via aircraft charter, scheduled flights and ground transportation.

The company needed to transport over 300 employees to St. Kitts from Miami, for an event celebrating the top-sellers in the company. Our Group Charter team arranged for MD83 aircraft scheduling two direct flights (each way) to depart at the same time on Friday morning and returning on Monday afternoon.

Booking a group charter flight was the most time effective solution for the client. Having the entire group fly together and arrive at the same time enabled the client to stick to the event scheduling, maximizing the time for the weekend trip. Further time efficiencies were made with our provision of an Air Partner airport representative to assist with check-in at Miami, as well as at the hotel in Nevis for the return flight.

For a more seamless experience, using our extensive supplier relationships, we were also able to arrange for the agent to provide hotel check-in to take place on the flight and for the luggage to be transported securely to and from the venue. All of these services added to time saved which was important given it was a short duration for the event.

In addition, with our custom aircraft branding branding solutions, we were able to assist with client with enhancing the event experience even further by assisting with detailed on-board branding. The aircraft was customized with the company’s logo placed on headrest covers and the drinks coasters. Special on-board catering was also arranged, with champagne and mimosas being provided for guests prior to departure.

On the days of the flights an Air Partner Representative was onsite for the client's peace of mind.

Popular Charter Aircraft for Incentive Travel

Airbus 319 (approx. 140 seats)
Airbus 320 (approx. 180 seats)
Airbus 321 (approx. 210 seats)
Boeing 737-700 (approx. 150 seats)
Boeing 737-800 (approx. 190 seats)