A winning series of flights


If you’re looking for a series of flights, our Group Charter team are experts in planning and scheduling and organizing a program. 

For speed and efficiency in providing charter flights to assist with managing complex flight arrangements, you can rely on us to deliver. For an incentive program, our team arranged a series of charters from 22 different U.S. cities to a single European destination on behalf of a corporate client. Considering the scheduling and logistical challenges, we worked very closely with the airport authorities to ensure available slots and dealt directly with ground logistics due to the large number of passengers moved through each airport.

For the flights, we ensured flight riders and representatives were present at each and every point for the smoothest customer experience. We introduced unique systems and processes to best accommodate our client’s needs, staying in constant communication. Our team moved over 5,000 people during a six-week period, and due to our global reach and experience, the flights operated successfully.