A winning series of flights

Key FactsIndustry: Sport
Number of flights: 13 flights
Passengers flown: 700

Group Charter flights for a major sporting tournament in the Caribbean, across multiple different destinations

The flights involved carrying over 700 passengers from different teams across 13 different flights in the following sequence: Antigua – Guyana, Guyana – Antigua, Guyana – St Lucia, Antigua – St Lucia, St Lucia – Guyana, Guyana – Bridgetown, Bridgetown – Antigua, St Lucia – Antigua.  

For the flights, our expert team sourced a Boeing 737-800 and a Fokker 70, which were the best suitable aircraft for the number of passengers and routes. Our dedicated Account Manager also joined the flights to provide assistance and support for the client and passengers.  

And alongside the group charter flights carrying the teams, our freight division supplied three aircraft to transport the broadcasting equipment and additional baggage.