Group charter: a guide for event organizers

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Are you planning an event and need assistance with group charter flights? No matter the type of event, destination or number of passengers, we can assist in providing seamless flight solutions to assist in making your event a success.

Whilst our dedicated Account Managers are on hand to guide you through the process every step of the way, we have pulled together some key points to consider when booking group charter.

Plan ahead

Get in contact with us as soon as you can so we can help you plan your flights to your event. By getting in touch ahead of time, this allows us to assist with a greater range of aircraft and preferred flight timings. One of the key benefits of chartering an aircraft is that it allows you to work to your schedule – so if you book in advance, you'll have a greater choice of airport slots, meaning your flight times can fit in with your event timings and you can maximize time spent at your destination. We're happy to provide multiple quotes if you've got a few different destinations in mind also. Our dedicated Account Managers will help you plan and guide you through the process – think of us as an extension to your team.

Think about enhancing your event

If you're looking for the wow-factor with your event, we can assist with custom branding options. With our Group Charter Custom Services, we can showcase branding on anything from the headrest covers to the exterior of the airplane. There are many different options to choose from and our dedicated Account Managers will help to assist in achieving your branding objectives. For example, if the reason for the event is a new product launch, a fully immersive brand experience can be highly impactful, with the brand being showcased in a private lounge prior to departure, to personalizing the in-flight entertainment and providing iPads with product information for the guests. If the reason for the event is an incentive, we can assist in a themed experience, including catering, gifts for the delegates and personalized boarding announcements.

Consider combining group charter with scheduled airlines

If you have delegates travelling from multiple destinations, we can integrate scheduled flights to bring everyone together to one central hub from which the charter flight can operate from. We have an in-house Travel team who arrange flights on scheduled airlines – so we can seamlessly arrange all flights for you. A recent example of how we have assisted clients with this is we organized flights for an incentive a client was running in Europe. Delegates traveled from 22 cities within the US on multiple chartered aircraft arranged by our Group Charter team. Over 5,000 people were transported during a six-week period.

Think beyond the main airports

When choosing a destination for your event, think beyond the main airport hubs. Group charter opens up a wider range of airports and it's possible to fly to and from smaller airports. This offers a range of time saving benefits, in bypassing lengthy security queues and in some cases flying to an airport which is closer to your end destination. When booking group charter with us, inform your dedicated Account Manager as to what your end destination will be and they will be best placed to offer you advice on which airports may be most suitable.

Which aircraft is right for my group?

Our Account Managers will guide you through the booking process and recommend which aircraft would be best suited for your event. We are experienced in working within the guidelines of different companies travel policies and can ensure all requirements are adhered to when selecting aircraft, such as the age of the aircraft or place of registry. It's worth thinking about the different requirements for the group – for example if traveling long-haul we can assist with VIP airliners with business class seats. Depending on different factors, we can often provide a few different options which our Account Managers can discuss with you.

Planning a multi-city event?

At Air Partner, we specialize in complex requirements and are experienced in assisting with flights for multi-destination events. For us it's all about making the experience as seamless as possible and ultimately getting the delegates to each different destination safely and on-time. Key considerations include:

  • Allow sufficient time for flights between each destination – our Account Managers can work closely with you to advise on this and a key benefit of chartering an aircraft is that it cuts down on the time spent at the airport.

  • Make the flight a part of the experience – we can work closely with you to enhance your flight, by enhancing it with custom catering, in-flight entertainment and your branding

  • We can also provide the support of an Air Partner representative to assist on your flights to ensure all runs smoothly.

At Air Partner, we specialize in flight solutions for the MICE industry and we have a global network of trusted partners to ensure we provide the right solution to meet your requirements. We're available 24/7 and our dedicated Account Managers work closely with our clients to understand the requirements and preferences for each flight. Whether it's a product launch, meeting, incentive or annual conference, we can assist in making your event a success.


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