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Friday, January 11, 2019

At Air Partner, we understand the importance of brand awareness for our clients and we provide support in promoting their brands in the sky through our ServicePLUS program.

The recent 2018 report from IBTM World highlighted raising brand awareness as being a key objective for events and in-line with this, we are seeing an increasing amount of clients taking advantage of our ServicePLUS program to highlight their brand on-board. And it’s not just event planners taking advantage of the opportunity to showcase branding when flying by group charter, different industries including sport, fashion and automotive are also capitalizing on this opportunity.  

There are many different options that clients can choose from when showcasing their brand during travel and our Account Managers work closely with clients to help achieve their branding objectives. For example, if a client is looking to improve their brand visibility in the public eye, they can choose to brand the exterior of the aircraft for maximum impact. If the reason for travel is to launch a new product, clients might opt for a fully immersive brand experience including showcasing the new product in a private airport lounge before the flight, personalizing the in-flight television screens plus inclusion of brand logo on catering packs and headrests.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to personalizing your charter aircraft, below are some examples of how you can create a fully immersive brand experience for your guests.

Industry: Fashion

  • Reason for travel: Press Trip
  • Route: London to Milan
  • Passengers flown: 40

One of Air Partner’s top fashion clients wanted to arrange an aircraft charter to fly a number of press from London to Milan to the latest launch of their spring collection. Making a great first impression of the brand was highly important to the client, therefore we arranged for the aircraft to be entirely branded including the exterior of the aircraft to the inside décor. Passengers were greeted at the airport with a personalized check in desk and were issued with iPads in order to view the collection throughout the flight. Luxury branded amenity kits were placed on each seats (including socks, hand cream, water bottles and flight refreshments) throughout the flight the in-flight entertainment system played catwalk shows, creating a buzz around the event in which the press were travelling to.

Industry: MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events)

  • Reason for Travel: Incentive
  • Route: Miami to St. Kitts and Nevis
  • Passengers flown: 300

We have had a number of requests from clients organizing events in the Caribbean and overseas, wanting to maximize the impact of their events, raise awareness of their brand values and have their guests engaged from the start to the finish of their journey.  Celebrating the sales team great performance, the client wanted to create a collective experience for their group that would feel truly rewarding. So that everyone would be on the same timing, our team scheduled both direct flights to depart at the same time on Friday morning and returning on Monday afternoon. 

At the airport, the travelers were served tropical cocktails at the Miami airport, with a dedicated airport representative assisting with flight check-in, welcoming everyone for departure. To keep the vibe extra-relaxed for the trip to Nevis, we were also able to arrange for hotel check-in to take place on the flight, and for the luggage to be transported securely to and from the venue. 

In addition, with our custom aircraft branding branding solutions, we were able to assist with client with enhancing the event experience even further by assisting with detailed on-board branding. The aircraft was customized with the company’s logo placed on headrest covers and the drinks coasters. Special on-board catering was also arranged, with champagne and mimosas being provided for guests prior to departure.

Having the entire group fly together and arrive at the same time enabled the client to stick to the event scheduling, allowed everyone to maximizing their weekend trip, thus keeping everyone in good spirits.

Industry: Sport

  • Reason for travel: Pre-season tour
  • Route: London to Portugal
  • Passengers flown: 80

Small details can make a big difference when it comes to club travel. Last year, our UK office organised a pre-season tour charter for a team to travel to Portugal. To ensure the team had a smooth and comfortable journey, the passengers were welcomed into a private lounge by Air Partner staff, and were offered to indulge in some pre-flight refreshments and were issued with personalized boarding cards with the club’s badge. Once on board, the passengers arrived at their seats to find branded water bottles and neck pillows to enjoy on their flight. Considering the club’s complex catering requirements can go a long way in enhancing the experience for players and support staff, therefore arrangements were made with the clubs nutritionist to ensure high quality catering was supplied on the chartered flights. The exterior of the aircraft was also branded with the club’s badge, improving their brand visibility as they traveled to and from Portugal.

Industry: Automotive

  • Reason for travel: Test drive event
  • Route: Kittilä ex Europe
  • Passengers flown: 160

During the winter period, Air Partner organised the  for a big car brand to bring their guests (developers, engineers, mechanics and drivers) for a driving experience via aircraft charter at their test track in Kittilä in Finland. In order to get guests to the event in the best way possible Air Partner planned a mix of scheduled flights and aircraft charter. Guests were flown by scheduled travel to one main hub airport and from there they were flown in groups via air charter to the test track in the north of Finland. The passengers walked on board to find branded head rest covers and company magazines on each seat. Footage of different vehicles were being played on the in-flight entertainment system to create a fully immersive brand experience and get the guests excited for their test drive event.

Air Partner’s dedicated Account Managers offer the expertise for a tailor-made stress free experience, looking after your chartered flight from start to finish. Plus our 24/7/365 global Customer Flight Support team are always on hand to help no matter which time zone you are in.

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