Five impactful ways to showcase your brand when traveling by group charter

Monday, June 10, 2019

At Air Partner, we understand that the “wow factor” is important when it comes to events. Which is why we can assist in providing a highly memorable experience for your delegates, showcasing your brand in a variety of different highly impactful ways.

We take care of all the flight details, allowing you to solely focus on your event.

With our Custom Services, clients can choose from a variety of different add-on features to create a highly personalized and memorable flight experience that communicates branding effectively. Read on to discover our most popular and high impact ways to showcase your brand when traveling with Air Partner's group charter.

Private terminal and lounge access

Starting your event in a private terminal at the airport is a great way of creating a memorable first impression for your delegates. Highly impactful branding can be shown throughout the terminal – from the check-in screens all the way through to the departure area. We have even provided branded red carpets for VIP groups in the past to create the wow-factor. Private terminals offer a whole host of time saving benefits, skip lengthy airport queues and get your event started sooner. We can also assist in organizing private lounge hire for our clients – a great way of gathering the group together in private for the event organizer to do a short speech. Also popular is the catering we can provide in the lounge – the possibilities are endless and it's a great way of getting the event started at the airport.

Headrest covers

Headrest covers are one of our most popular Group Charter Custom Services items for event planners – it creates a highly impactful on-board branded experience to reinforce your key brand messages. These can be further supported with other branded items such as in-flight entertainment screens.


We can assist providing a bespoke catering experience on-board your flight to help create a memorable experience. This is particularly popular with clients who have a theme for their event, perhaps the cuisine of the destination the delegates are flying to. We really assisted on an incentive to Palma de Mallorca where the client asked for the catering to be Spanish themed, serving tapas and sangria on-board the flight. Another recent example was when we organised flights for a well-being themed incentive, providing healthy catering and flavored water on the flights. Your brand can be further reinforced with logos on the catering packs, coasters and drinks stirrers.

Branded gifts

Particularly popular with clients organizing incentives, we can assist in providing branded gifts on-board. These can be placed on the aircraft seats ready for when the delegates board. Recently, we have assisted in providing iPads as gifts to delegates, pre-loaded with visuals showcasing a new product the client was unveiling. Other branded gift ideas could include amenity kits, chocolate gift packs, water bottles, travel accessories – the possibilities are endless! If you're looking for further inspiration on gifting, our dedicated Account Managers will be happy to provide suggestions.

Brand the exterior of the aircraft

For the ultimate wow-factor, we recommended branding the exterior of the aircraft. This can be anything from your logo, to brand colors. It creates a highly memorable and visible impression of your brand, which will definitely wow your guests. Our dedicated Account Managers will talk you through the process and take care of all the details, from the initial design to providing visual examples prior to the flight.

For a fully immersive brand experience, we would recommend choosing a few different items from the above, which allows event planners to reinforce their brand throughout the different stages of the journey. No matter which route you choose, our dedicated Account Managers are on-hand every step of the way, guiding you through the process. Group Charter provides a range of benefits for event planners, allowing for a seamless delegate experience, time-saving and flexibility.


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