VIP Group flights for a press trip

Industry: Automotive
Period: 5 days
Passengers flown: 160
Destination: Zaragoza (ZAZ)
Amount of flights: 2 one-ways and 4 back-to-back flights

Air Partner was approached by one of their automotive clients who wished to plan a press launch in Zaragoza.

Top journalists were flown in several groups on a VIP aircraft from Munich to Zaragoza over a 5 day period. Every passenger was treated to tailored inflight business class catering, a selection of daily newspapers and magazines, whilst enjoying the comfort of the aircraft’s plush leather seats. Where clients were not able to fly by air charter for the event, Air Partner made special arrangements for scheduled flights from Munich to the event. For a complete brand experience, Air Partner organised for the client to have their logo at check-in, in the departure lounge and onboard on the headrest covers to provide a truly branded experience.