Private jet travel trend predictions for summer and beyond

Friday, June 25, 2021

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to create a travel environment unlike any other. As we look towards the peak summer season and beyond, what key trends do we expect to see in the market? The recent Globetrender report “Private Travel Trends: 2021-2022” identified key trends emerging in the private travel industry, and how travel companies and consumers are responding. We’re delighted to be partnering with Globetrender to bring you this report. To read it in full download here:

The report was published and launched at this year’s "Do Not Disturb" the global private travel event dedicated to seclusion, sustainability and true exclusivity. During the event, industry leaders came together to discuss private travel for the year ahead, including our Managing Director of Charter, Kevin Macnaughton, who shares some of his insights and predictions below.

Private jet enquiries will continue to surge

With leisure travel on pause for much of 2021, the demand has never been greater. As travel restrictions begin to ease, we expect to see the number of enquiries surge once again as people's appetite for travel returns. In summer 2020, we saw a 321% increase in private jet enquiries for the summer period, compared to the same time the year before. With the hopeful easing of restrictions in time for peak summer, we expect to see another rise in leisure travel demand, as well as a heightened interest among first-timers who have never flown privately before.

More first-time private jet users

We’ve already noticed more first-time private jet users, and we expect to see the number of clients choosing to travel privately for the first time, who may have previously travelled commercially in either first or business class, continue to increase. With many scheduled services still running at reduced availability, and with government restrictions subject to change, private jet passengers recognise the flexibility and availability that flying privately offers. We have access to over 7,000 aircraft and our dedicated team of aviation experts on hand 24/7, so we can quickly adapt clients travel plans. 

A slower return to business travel

While essential business travel has been permitted throughout 2021, the pandemic has noticeably changed the landscape of how people travel for business as many shifted towards virtual meetings. Whilst corporate travel will return eventually, recovery will be slower than what we have seen for leisure. When corporate clients do return, we expect more businesses to consider private jet charter for essential travel than before the crisis, due to added safety, reliability and flexibility private jet travel offers. Employee safety has never been more essential and flying privately is likely to be increasingly viewed as a necessity, rather than a luxury.

More multi-generational families

Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a noticeable shift in enquiries from families choosing to fly private as the benefits of private charter are widely recognised. When travel restrictions ease, we expect to accommodate more multi-generation families who are able to spend unrestricted time together as they recognise the additional safety of travelling in their family bubble. Chartering a private jet also offers a greater degree of control over the end-to-end experience, including the additional benefit of avoiding commercial airports and using private terminals instead, vastly reducing the number of touchpoints and surfaces as well as face-to-face interaction, therefore greatly reducing any potential infection risk.

Increase in JetCard memberships

COVID-19 has created many uncertainties for travellers, which is why we expect to see more interest in our JetCard membership programme as more clients look for even greater flexibility. Our innovative JetCard membership offers members the ultimate flexibility and freedom. Members can take advantage of guaranteed availability with 24 hours’ notice, as well as a fixed hourly rate with no hidden costs, among many other benefits. Last year, in response to the pandemic, we also launched JetCard 5, providing clients with five hours of flight time. JetCard 5 is the ideal safety net for those who want to future-proof their travel plans, or for those who are new to private flying. We’re already noticing an increase in enquiries for our JetCard product, and we expect this trend to continue as travellers prepare for the further easing of restrictions and plan their long-awaited holidays abroad. Read more about the benefits of our JetCard membership for summer travel.

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