The benefits of a JetCard membership for summer travel

Monday, June 21, 2021

With all but essential travel on pause from much of the year, the lifting of restrictions on international leisure travel in May was welcomed news for the travel industry. While the new traffic light system announced by the UK government categorises countries into either green, amber or red lists - with green having the fewest restrictions and red the most – and with the government reviewing the changes every three weeks, flexibility around your summer travel plans has never been more essential. If you’re looking to holiday abroad this summer, our JetCard membership programme offers you the ultimate flexibility.

Chris Thomas, Senior Sales Director at Air Partner highlights four key benefits of our JetCard membership programme to keep your summer trips on track.

Guaranteed availability in 24 hours

Government restrictions have been subject to frequent changes over the last 12 months, and the recent review for Portugal moving from the UK’s green list and onto amber shows how quickly the travel guidance is continuing to change. While we hope for more certainty as governments around the world continue to review their travel guidance ahead of the summer, our JetCard provides its members with the flexibility to book in advance and change plans nearer the time if required. With guaranteed availability in as little as 24 hours’ notice, and with funds on account, you are always ready and able to fly at a moment’s notice.

Free cancellation

Planning travel over the past few months has meant a lot of plans have been changed or cancelled. The luxury of our JetCard membership programme offers its members added peace of mind that, in the event that your original plans cannot be fulfilled, you can cancel or change your flight for free until 7am the day before you are due to fly. By booking your flights in advance, you are safe in the knowledge knowing that you can cancel or amend at no additional cost.

Fixed hourly rates 

With our JetCard membership programme, your hourly rates are fixed for the longevity of your purchased hours with no annual increases. This means you know what you will pay in advance, and will not pay any extra even in the event of external price increases or peak season demands. Our JetCard is fully inclusive of all associated costs including high-density airport fees, bespoke catering, fuel surcharges and de-icing. These fixed rates allow our members to budget against their travel plans, safe in the knowledge of knowing exactly how much their trip will cost.

No peak-day premiums

Summer is notorious for being one of the busiest times to travel, and this year has the potential to be one of the busiest yet. The increase in demand expected over the coming months could result in a rise in rates as demand begins to outweigh supply, especially for flights to popular destinations such as Palma, Nice and Ibiza, where slot availability can prove troublesome during a normal summer period. With our JetCard membership programme, members are not subject to these increases in demand price rises and can book well in advance knowing that if plans need to be amended nearer the time, rates are fixed and protected against inflated charter prices. 

If you're planning on a getaway this summer, JetCard offers the ultimate flexibility for your travel plans. With memberships starting from 10 hours and ranging up to 50 hours per annum, you can choose a programme that suits you. For more information, or to enquire about our JetCard membership, contact us today.

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