Wellbeing Matters for Business Travelers

Monday, September 25, 2023

As the globe continues to recover from the pandemic, the clock certainly feels like it is ticking again as the pace of daily life has ramped up. While the 'traditional workplace' may be a thing of the past, the need to balance work and home life remains crucial for key players on the business frontlines. Many leaders are utilizing this unprecedented time as an opportunity to reevaluate corporate practices that have been in place for decades, paving the way for innovative solutions that account for not only optimizing success but also caring for the people responsible for those results. While the hybrid work model may be here to stay, recent studies also suggest that employees are in need of an appropriate balance of a physical and digital environment that connects them with their colleagues and clientele.  

Changes to Corporate Travel Trends
The return of conferences and in-person events continues to trend up as the need to forge new relationships and foster existing ones continues to grow. 90% of businesses strongly agree that in-person meetings build bonds with stakeholders, including clients, quicker and stronger than virtually, according to research from the Business Travel Association and CBI Economics.Corporate event

This, coupled with the recovery for demand for flights quickly approaching pre-pandemic levels, according to IATA, indicates a need to reconnect business travelers, but just like the workplace has shifted, so have the traveler’s needs.  

It’s evident that businesses are returning to corporate travel again, but this doesn’t mean it is happening as freely as it once did. Not only have companies shifted their thinking around purposeful travel, but so have the employees who travel for work, many of whom take to the skies to fly great distances at a time.

There is a much higher level of discretion for business travelers now. Individuals place a high value on the time they spend traveling, which means they are seeking meaningful pursuits worth traveling for and also understanding how the experience impacts their daily lives.  

Erica Merrill - Director of Business Development, Air Partner Group CharterPrivate charter is not a solution for every company, of course, but for those that do utilize our services, the benefits far exceed simply moving executives from one destination to the next,” says Erica Merrill, Director of Business Development at Air Partner. “It’s about taking into consideration the value of the individual’s time and the quality of the travel experience. The average business traveler loses almost a complete 8-hour work day when traveling, and the services we are able to provide give back that time, whether it’s through a more seamless itinerary or the ability to connect with colleagues privately and loved ones in flight.” 

This notion is where wellbeing enters the consideration process. For some, wellbeing is broadly defined as overall satisfaction in professional and personal lives. However, it can get far more granular and specific. From health concerns to family life, there is a broad spectrum that is different for each individual. However, one aspect remains a common thread. It is critical to take time to prioritize one’s health and personal wellbeing as it can impact the way one handles everyday situations, especially while traveling.  

Corporate Travel with Air Partner

Businesswoman inside private jet

If you’re a key decision-maker responsible for corporate travel, you know the wellbeing of your team is of the utmost importance when operating a business. It’s more than ensuring people simply arrive on time. It’s accounting for the obstacles they face along the way, whether long TSA lines, flight disruptions, multi-leg connections, or even the opportunity to have access to quality menu items along the journey.

To account for these considerations with ease, private jet charter is the perfect option to avoid the headaches of commercial travel, give back the time for teams to connect and easily unwind as well as take time to prepare prior to arriving at their destination in flight.  


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