Incentive Travel Benefits for Employee Wellbeing

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Employees on incentive charter flightCompanies are eagerly booking incentive travel again, and it’s a clear indication of the important role incentives play in the corporate dynamic, especially after the difficulties of the past few years. Incentives support diverse positive functions for companies such as building relationships, rewarding teams, promoting employee wellness, fostering purposeful meetings, boosting productivity, and many other benefits.

Coorporate employees at outdoors meeting, incentive travel

The truth is your company’s well-being depends on the well-being of your employees. Mental, physical, and social health directly influence employee satisfaction and retention. We know first-hand that experiential travel is one of the most impactful rewards for any incentive program. Incentive travel gives your company a valuable opportunity to motivate your people, promote your company culture and provide a space where everyone can enjoy company-led activities together, feel truly connected, and create lasting memories, leaving them with refreshed attitudes.

There is an incredible amount of responsibility and anticipation that comes with fulfilling this promise though, and many important considerations to make such as timing, budget, coordination, travel logistics, and safety.Incentive Travel Hawaii Private Air Charter

Using our expertise, we’ve designed our MICE industry travel solutions to offer you dedicated guidance, access, and support when planning any type of incentive trip along with the ability to completely deliver an outstanding experience, regardless of the size of your organization. Whether you envision a tropical retreat in Hawaii or the Bahamas, a grand tour of Sicily or Rome, or a cultural experience in Thailand or Peru, our team is happy to help you make the right choices for curating a dream incentive trip for your top performers and team. Global brands and companies today are embracing the latest incentive travel trends, so there are a variety of things you can do to make your trip even more worthwhile. 

Shuttle bus for charter aircraftSurely, how you get all your people to your chosen destination is the most important element. Having the customization our private aviation services allow, you can be certain your travel plans are well-aligned with your schedule, goals, and requirements, and you can be assured that our Group Charter team is always dedicated to accomplishing your vision with extraordinary attention to detail and care for your journey. We are certain your group will be impressed with the range of possibilities we offer, and your guests will be even more pleased with the presentation, service, and simplicity of the entire experience. Even more, they'll embrace being together during their journey onboard.

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With global tourism on the rise again as incentive destinations enthusiastically wave their welcome flags, the pent-up demand for incentive travel is surely there. While chartering your own group aircraft gives you even greater flexibility, our air charter experts do recommend getting your plans into motion and booking your flights even as far ahead for the next calendar year as best practice.

Learn more about how we can support your incentive travel today, and ask us about anything, from aircraft branding to private airport terminals with VIP lounges, and private ground transport with baggage services.


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