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Monday, March 7, 2022

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With special considerations for sports travel planning, our Group Charter team is able to offer an array of solutions that meet the specific and even diverse needs of the Sports sector. Through our private aviation services, our clients have ultimate control over the scheduling, transportation, and logistics. Providing options for flying both domestically and internationally, as well as multi-city itineraries, our aviation team can ensure your sports charter flight program is customized entirely based on the requisites and size of your group.

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We excel at helping travel managers get organized from the starting point and stay coordinated throughout the duration of their planned trips. When there are goals to be met, the smallest details can have an impact on the results. As experts in our field, we are attuned to the needs of our clients traveling for sports or sporting events. Our dedicated charter specialists help manage all aspects of travel, on the ground and in the air, managing the complex logistics for accommodating the routes and schedule requirements, so that you can plan for a seamless journey and pleasant experience for your team.

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A privately chartered aircraft is a winning solution for teams of athletes and executives who need a controlled environment that allows optimal downtime, which can be used for rest or productivity. As well, personalized onboard catering according to your group's dietary preferences means you can ensure your team has the proper nutrition and hydration while traveling. Our team tailors your onboard flight arrangements to ensure any specific needs are met – so even if you need "lights out" during certain periods for sleep, the cabin is all yours to decide.

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Working in tandem with your Account Manager facilitating the logistics will make sure your team's plans move smoothly and stay on track. Based on years of experience working with athletic departments and sports leagues, we see the greatest benefits of chartering as it allows private terminal check-in without airport delays and security queues, immediate aircraft boarding from secure ramp, VIP ground transportation and special handling for baggage, sports gear and any specialized equipment. Timesaving is a key factor for our clients transporting larger groups with scheduled activities and call times.  If your traveling sports team needs to be in another city by the very next morning for training or a match, we can have your aircraft ready and waiting. Ask us how we can can arrange for non-stop flights directly between points, access private terminals at airports & FBOs, and arrange ground transportation with seamless cargo handling.

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Offering the most reliable private aviation and air transport options around, our customers know we will get them where they need to be on time, with minimal hassle. With over 60 years of experience and a global network, we fully advise on your sports travel planning, even with considerations you may not have thought about yet. Since the pandemic, we have seen travel restrictions and situations change quite quickly from day to day. Our Account Managers stay up to date and mindful, so you can travel confidently anywhere, knowing you are supported by our 24-hour operations team. Even more, we have the ability to swiftly pivot, providing robust level of security capabilities and experience coordinating sports travel around the world, allows our team to be an ideal resource to sports teams, companies and media flying for sports events around the globe.

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