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Friday, April 12, 2019

From introducing the first purpose-built business aircraft to the world in 1958, to making the first business jet non-stop flight across the Atlantic, Gulfstream continues to pioneer and innovate within the business aviation space. Dominating the Global cabin category, our clients enjoy chartering Gulfstream aircraft due to their class-leading performance and comfort. Enjoy our review of three Gulfstream aircraft and why they are so popular with our clients.

Gulfstream G280

Super Midsize cabin

As Gulfstream's only Super-midsize jet, the G280 shares much of the advanced technology of the larger Gulfstream aircraft. It was originally derived from the successful Gulfstream 200, but with 90% new features – new engines, new wings and a longer cabin among many others). Similar to the newest widebody aircraft from Boeing and Airbus, the Gulfstream G280 has an improved cabin pressure altitude of 6000 – 7000 feet. In addition, the cabin also recycles 100% fresh air every 2 minutes. These two features paired together result in minimizing passenger fatigue and helps them feel more refreshed when they land. Increasingly common in the design of newer jets, the baggage hold (fitting 10 – 12 suitcases) is accessible from the passenger cabin, as well as externally. In terms of performance, this aircraft is designed to outperform competitors on trips of a duration of up to 7 hours, such as New York City to London. While its range is impressive, it can also land at airports with short runways and difficult approaches, such as Boston Logan Airport.

Range: Up to 7 hours
Seating: 8 – 10
Baggage capacity: 10 – 12 suitcases

Gulfstream G550 

Global cabin

A developed and improved of the original 'ultra-long range business jet', the Gulfstream 5, the G550 is a Global cabin aircraft. Since its advent in the early 2000's, 450 have been made and the model is still in production today – testament to its successful design and performance. If you prioritize time, this business jet holds the speed record for international, long haul trips. This could be the reason why its traditionally the favored aircraft by blue-chip companies and world leaders. In addition, its modern long wings and powerful engines mean high altitude airports and shorter runways are usable.

Range: Up to 14 hours
Seating: 14 – 19
Baggage capacity: Up to 20 cases

Gulfstream G650

Global cabin

The Gulfstream G650 has the widest cabin compared to both the rest of the Gulfstream fleet and its Global cabin class. Large windows give the feeling of space and let more natural light flood into the cabin. It has a range of up to 15 hours and can therefore complete direct flights such as  New York to Hong Kong, making it as fast as a widebody airliner on long flights, but quicker over shorter distances. It can maintain an impressively low cabin altitude at 45,000 feet, allowing the passengers to arrive less fatigued and less dehydrated. As with most newer aircraft, it features state of the art passenger entertainment systems and connectivity.

Range: Up to 15 hours
Seating: Up to 14 - 19
Baggage capacity: 20 cases


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