Q&A: Group Charter for the automotive industry

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Every year, we successfully organize group charter flights for numerous projects within the automotive industry. We have collated the top frequently asked questions from our clients to discover how we can assist with your next automotive project.

Which different types of automotive flight projects do you work across?

Our clients in the automotive industry have a wide range of reasons for chartering a flight, from product launches to press trips, test drives, conferences, and incentive events, through to corporate shuttles.

A lot of the time, it's a case of complicated, large-scale projects for which a huge number of guests from many different countries need to be flown to a central destination over a specific time. 

What is the benefit of working with Air Partner on automotive charter requirements?

Air Partner has the experience and access to a large aircraft database to source the most suitable aircraft for the client's requirements from a wide range of operators, whether it be a well-known flag carrier or a dedicated charter operator.

This alone provides a competitive advantage. Thanks to our excellent relationships with airlines, which we've built up over the last 60 years, we can offer our clients the very best terms – a key requirement for most companies in the automotive industry.

Safety is a key priority, and Air Partner is closely supported by Baines Simmons, part of our Services division, which has helped shape regulations for the aviation industry. Every airline we work with is vetted for financial and operational reliability.

How does Air Partner ensure that everything goes according to plan?

Air Partner offers a complete service that includes the sourcing, handling, and monitoring of all of the flight logistics. After every departure, the client receives a movement message via our 24-hour operations team, showing a clear overview of recent departures and their expected arrival time, as well as how many passengers and pieces of luggage are on board. When running events, this is valuable information that is extremely helpful for the organizers.

In the run-up to and during each automotive flight program, our experienced Account Managers work closely with our clients to meet their needs and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Air Partner representatives are available to travel with the flight if desired and take care of all the details that have been arranged.

In the background, the Air Partner operations team is available 24/7 and is actively monitoring all our charters so we can be proactive and react quickly in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Depending on location, we can also organize off-airport check-in to ensure that all goes smoothly and to save time when traveling back. This essentially means that the client can then let the guest check-in at the hotel. 

What's the benefit of chartering an aircraft?

There are many benefits, which include:

Time saved: Chartering an aircraft allows the client to choose the flight times that best suit their event. It also allows a range of time-saving benefits at the airport thanks to the ability to use private terminals, where the passenger numbers allow.

Range of airports: It opens a wider range of airports, including smaller ones that may be closer to your end destination. Our Account Managers will be happy to advise which airports would be best suited to the client's requirements.

Branded opportunities: We can offer a range of ways of communicating your brand when traveling. Anything from branding the headrests onboard to showcasing brand logos on the aircraft exterior.

Control the group: Chartering an aircraft is popular with the automotive industry as it allows the event organizer to keep the group together easily. No complicated schedules with delegates arriving at different times, everyone travels together which allows the event to stay on schedule.

Start the event at the airport: We can arrange exclusive use of an airport lounge or private terminal, which is popular with automotive clients. It allows the group to gather and socialize in private. If the event is for a car launch, we can even arrange for the car to be showcased at the departure airport itself.

Logistics: Air Partner can take care of all the flight logistics, allowing the client to focus on the event itself. We can also arrange for a flight representative to join the flights, which is useful for additional assistance on-site.

Individual requirements can be fulfilled: For example, if it's a press event, we can accommodate those traveling with camera and video equipment.

Integrate scheduled flights: If the client has delegates traveling from multiple destinations, we can use scheduled flights to bring everyone together to one central hub.

We're experienced in organizing group charter for a variety of different industries, as well as automotive. If you'd like to find out how Air Partner can assist with your projects, contact one of our expert Account Managers today.


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