Latin American Escapades: Unforgettable Incentive Travel Destinations

In today’s competitive business landscape, incentive travel has emerged as a powerful tool to motivate employees, reward top performers, and build team cohesion. These extraordinary trips not only boost morale but foster loyalty, drive productivity, and create lasting memories that can significantly enhance workplace culture. Offering the perfect mix of luxury, adventure, and cultural immersion, Latin America presents some of the most enticing destinations for corporate incentive trips. Here, we’ll explore the top destinations guaranteed to inspire and invigorate your team.


Desierto de Atacama, Chile

Nestled between the Pacific coast and the snow-capped Andes mountains, Desierto de Atacama is the driest non-polar desert on Earth, with a landscape so unique that NASA uses it to test equipment for Mars missions. Famed for its vast stretches of ochre-colored sands, shimmering salt flats, steamy hot springs, and near-endless horizons, it is home to wonders you have to see to believe – from some of the planet’s best stargazing spots to the world’s tallest volcano. With a host of divine desert-chic accommodation options and an abundance of activities guaranteed to delight, this otherworldly destination promises an incentive trip that is nothing short of perfection. 

As well as marveling at the Milky Way-strewn sky, top team building activities include rising early to witness the geysers at El Tatio spouting steam against the backdrop of the Andes, and exploring the Valle de la Luna, otherwise known as Moon Valley, as the sun sets over its ethereal landscape. For those seeking adventure, try sandboarding down the dunes in Death Valley, navigating ancient trails on horseback, or soaring above the scenery on a hot-air balloon ride. Diving into the region’s history and culture is another must, with visits to pre-Columbian archaeological sites and the traditional villages surrounding San Pedro de Atacama being particularly popular. And, when it comes to where to stay, you’ll be spoilt for choice – sip pisco sours in the lap of luxury at Awasi Atacama, unwind with lavish spa treatments at Tierra Atacama Spa Hotel, or unplug and connect with nature at the exquisite Explora Atacama. 

When to visit: Desierto de Atacama is a year-round destination boasting a consistently comfortable climate with minimal rainfall, but bear in mind that temperatures do drop considerably when the sun goes down. For warmer weather and more colorful sunsets, opt for a visit in the spring or summer months from September to March, or for the best stargazing opportunities, visit from April to August.


Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

This Pacific archipelago, 97% of which is protected by national park and marine reserve status, is a veritable paradise for wildlife, botany, and geology lovers. Untouched, idyllic, and brimming with flora and fauna, its rich rainforest, resplendent reefs, pristine beaches, rugged volcanic peaks, and enchanting lava tunnels make it one of the world’s most captivating and sought-after spots. However, the island’s commitment to eco-tourism and the limits it places on visitors ensure that the park remains an ecological wonderland. 

Activities are plentiful and as varied as the islands themselves. Sightseeing from aboard a yacht or snorkeling with marine iguanas, sea turtles, and playful sea lions in crystal-clear waters offers an immersive encounter with aquatic life. A guided hike through volcanic formations and lush highlands provides a glimpse into the islands’ geological wonders.

A visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station provides an educational insight into ongoing conservation efforts and the islands’ remarkable flora and fauna. Visitors can even support efforts by volunteering on species monitoring and habitat restoration projects. Whatever you choose to do, exploring the Galapagos Islands is an experience that will stay with your guests forever.

While some opt to charter a premium vessel, top sustainable accommodation options on land include the exclusive Pikaia Lodge, perched atop an extinct volcano, and the stylish, eco-lux safari tents at Galapagos Safari Camp.  

When to visit: Daytime temperatures rarely drop below 21°C year-round, but you’ll find two main climates - warm and wet from December to May when seas are at their calmest, and winds are at their lowest, and cool and dry from June to November.


Cartagena, Colombia

Located on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, the stylish port city of Cartagena is popular with well-heeled travelers thanks to its ancient allure, cosmopolitan charm, and Latin flair. The walled old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, enchants visitors with its colorful cobblestone streets, beautifully preserved colonial architecture, and picture-perfect plazas where historic sites, fashionable boutiques, and cafes serving up Colombia’s famous coffee are around every turn. As you’d expect, the city boasts an array of upscale accommodation options, but the boutique Hotel Casa San Agustin, with its impeccable décor, leafy patios, and courtyard pool, gets our vote.

When your attendees aren’t exploring the cultural and historic delights of the city, they can soak up the eternal sunshine on Playa de Bocagrande, a glamorous beachfront reminiscent of Miami Beach, or escape on a private yacht to the turquoise waters of the nearby Rosario Islands National Park. Here, they’ll find one of the richest coral reefs in the world and endless opportunities for snorkeling, diving, and kayaking. 

As night falls, Cartagena truly comes alive. The vibrant gastronomic scene offers a host of delectable options, from fine dining experiences at glamourous beachside haunts to world-class street food. Evenings can be spent sampling these culinary treasures or engaging in traditional cooking or dance classes, which make for excellent group activities. Whether dancing the night away or unwinding with a cocktail while being serenaded by salsa beats, Cartagena offers the ideal blend of adventure, relaxation, culture, and cuisine for an unforgettable trip.

When to visit: Cartagena basks in brilliant weather year-round, but the summer months, from December to April, fall within the dry season and offer the best conditions. During this period, visitors can enjoy consistently sunny days and daytime temperatures averaging around 30°C.


Cancún & Tulum, Mexico

Located on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, Cancún is known for its prestigious resorts, dazzling white-sand beaches, turquoise Caribbean waters, and legendary nightlife scene. While it may not showcase the authentic side of Mexico, Cancún does offer an abundance of activities to suit all ages and interests – from exploring ancient Mayan ruins like El Rey to catamaran sailing trips, guided snorkeling adventures, jungle tours, surfing lessons, and evenings spent dancing at iconic beach clubs. Or, for those who prefer to kick back and relax, the city's deluxe accommodations offer first-rate service and sumptuous wellness facilities. 

Alternatively, around 80 miles down the coast on Mexico’s Riviera Maya, you’ll find the serene eco-chic paradise of Tulum. Home to a bohemian vibe, a stunning coastline, powdery sands, azure waters, and an impressive array of sophisticated wellness retreats, it provides a picturesque setting for relaxation, connection, and inspiration. Your lucky guests can explore the Mayan ruins, swim in the crystal-clear cenotes, spot dolphins from aboard a yacht, sip margaritas while watching the sunset from an award-winning restaurant, or enjoy yoga, meditation, or spiritual sessions at their plush resort. Tulum’s commitment to sustainable tourism and its emphasis on tranquillity and spirituality creates a rejuvenating environment ideal for a more laid-back incentive travel experience.

When to visit: Cancún and Tulum have a tropical climate with consistently high temperatures throughout the year. The rainy season runs from late May to October, but as with most tropical locations, rain comes in heavy showers that quickly pass, so you’ll still enjoy lots of sunny days. The dry season runs from November to April and is considered the high season.


San José, Costa Rica

This Central American gem is renowned for its verdant rainforests, rich biodiversity, and eco-friendly tourism practices, making it a popular location for corporate incentive trips that prioritize both luxury and environmental responsibility. Within San José, Costa Rica’s capital city, your team can explore cultural and historical sites such as the National Theatre, an architectural masterpiece known for its spectacular interior and excellent performances, as well as the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum and the Jade Museum, which offer fascinating insights into the country's ancient civilizations and craftsmanship. The bustling Mercado Central is a must-visit for local culture and traditional foods, while Barrio Escalante, the city’s gastronomic district, is packed with trendy restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Beyond the city, discover the adventure activities and natural splendor that Costa Rica is famous for. The Poás Volcano National Park offers breathtaking views and hiking trails around one of the country’s most active volcanoes. The La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Braulio Carrillo National Park offer rainforests teeming with diverse wildlife, perfect for eco-tours. And, for the adrenaline lovers in your group, zip-lining through the verdant canopy or white-water rafting in the nearby rivers provides thrilling experiences amidst the lush scenery. Moreover, Costa Rica’s dedication to sustainable tourism allows teams to participate in community conservation projects, providing a unique opportunity to give back to the environment.

When it comes to where to stay, choose from elegant city center hotels or opt for an immersive eco-lodge or rainforest retreat. 

When to visit: The best time to visit is from December to April, during the dry season. This period offers the most pleasant weather, with warm temperatures and minimal rainfall, making it ideal for exploring the city and surrounding areas. However, while the months of May to November do see more rainfall, the landscape is particularly luscious, and the fewer tourists bring a tranquil charm to the area.


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