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Friday, March 22, 2019

Over the years, we have organised group charter flights for a variety of different projects for the automotive industry. Whether it is a press trip, car launch, test drive experience, or a conference, we can assist in providing seamless aircraft solutions to ensure the event runs smoothly. As part of this, we can provide an experienced representative to assist on the day of the flight, organising everything on the ground and assisting during the flight itself.

It is becoming increasingly popular with automotive customers who are looking to take advantage of this service, as it allows the organiser to focus on event itself, whilst we take care of all the flight details.

Our Account Manager Nicola Cooper recently provided assistance on the flights for a press event in Barcelona. Here we have highlighted her involvement in planning this trip, to show how she assisted in providing support.

Event: Press trip for major automotive brand
Route: Farnborough to Barcelona
Passengers: 40
Dates: 20th February - 22nd February 2019


9AM. Nicola arrives at Farnborough airport ahead of the group and sets up the private lounge to ensure it meets the client’s expectations. The lounge had been pre-arranged to ensure that the event organiser had a location to gather together the group prior to the flight. The lounge access is a good way of ensuring the event gets off to a memorable start, allows the organiser to say a few words in private and hand out copies of the itinerary for the event. Nicola ensures the automotive brand logo is visible on the screens, the agreed soundtrack is playing and that the catering is ready for the passengers. The menu had been pre-agreed with the client and is a mixture of hot and cold buffet. Nicola had also pre-arranged newspapers and magazines for the passengers to take on-board. 

10AM After ensuring everything is in order in the lounge, Nicola liaises with the check-in agents. She makes sure that the brand’s logos are visible at the check-in desks, ensures all the passenger names are in the system and that seating allocations have been adhered to as per the client’s instructions. As many of the press are taking their own camera equipment, all of which has been pre-arranged, she ensures that check-in staff are aware of this. The group begin to arrive and Nicola assists with the check-in and security procedures, greeting each passenger as they arrive.

10:45AM The group is gathered together in the lounge and the speech is underway. Nicola takes the opportunity to board the aircraft ahead of the group and brief the crew. A welcome announcement had been supplied ahead of the flights by the client and Nicola ensures that the crew have a copy of this and that they are aware of the specific passenger needs. She also checks the meals are all in order and the dietary requirements have been noted.

Nicola had also worked closely with the client pre-travel to arrange branded items from our Service PLUS programme. These included branded headrest covers, drinks coasters and napkins, all of which she checks are in order.

11:30AM The group are ready for boarding and Nicola assists to ensure this happens smoothly. Once the group has boarded, the flight is ready for departure. Nicola travels with the group, discreetly sitting at the back of the aircraft but available as a point of contact for the event organiser.

Once the flight is underway, on-board, she liaises with the crew, ensuring everything is in order and that the passengers are provided with enough drink services.

2:30PM The flight arrives on time and the group disembarks. Nicola stays behind and does a quick check of the aircraft ensuring there's no lost property left behind. She assists the group with their baggage collection. All bags and camera equipment have been safety collected by the passengers, however in the unlikely event that anything went missing, she would be ready to deal with this, to ensure the rest of the group were not delayed.

22nd February - return flight

3PM Nicola joins the group to assist on the return flight. They are departing from a main terminal, so it's important that the departure is seamless. It has been pre-arranged that the group will arrive ahead of scheduled check-in time so Nicola has co-ordinated this in advance. The check-in agents are ready for the group's arrival and their camera equipment and luggage is checked-in smoothly.

Nicola has also pre-arranged a dedicated security lane for the passengers to ensure a smooth transition through the terminal. Again, Nicola boards ahead of the group, briefing the crew and ensuring that everything is ready for their departure. Nicola joins the flight on the way back and stays with the group all the way through, until they have collected their luggage and departed Farnborough airport.

Air Partner provide a full post-flight report which is sent to the client, depicting the actual operating times of the aircraft and number of passengers who travelled and any no-shows, this is useful for event organisers to assist with their planning. Back in the office, after a successful event, Nicola arranges time with the client for a meeting to de-brief and plan the next event.

Speak to one of our Account Managers to discuss how we can assist with your group charter flights for your next automotive project.


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