Considering a jet card program for your private jet flights

Friday, March 26, 2021

The way we travel is changing, with the need for flexible flying never being more essential. As we look to travel when it’s safe to do so, our JetCard membership remains one of the most flexible ways to fly for individuals and corporates alike. We’ve answered a few questions about how private jet membership programs work, along with the advantages of our unique JetCard program.

Why were jet cards launched and what were their main purpose?

Jet cards offer the perks of flying privately, without the overhead costs and asset depreciation of owning aircraft. It is suitable for a whole range of travelers, from frequent flyers and business travellers to those flying a few times a year but in need of a streamlined booking process and peace of mind guarantee.

How do jet cards work?

One of the key benefits of a jet card membership like the Air Partner JetCard is that the program significantly simplifies the process of traveling privately. Our JetCard membership allows frequent flyers to pre-pay for their flying hours and subsequently benefit from a whole host of flexible benefits, such as a guaranteed aircraft with as little as 24 hours’ notice, inclusive hourly rates with no hidden charges, unlimited number of users, round trip discounts and hours that never expire. With memberships starting at 10 hours or funding as preferred, you choose a jet card program that suits you and your travel needs.

What makes a good jet card program?

A good jet card membership program is one that is easy to use, remains flexible to the needs of the client and with costs clearly laid out. At Air Partner, our JetCard program is fully transparent, without any hidden extras such as landing and handling charges, de-icing fees, fuel surcharges or high-density airport charges. With fully refundable flight hours that never expire, customers can choose how much and when they wish to travel without being forced into a use-by date. And with round trip discounts, an exceptional cancellation policy and fully global coverage, the Air Partner JetCard ranks as the most flexible of private jet memberships on the market.

How does the Air Partner JetCard put you first?

With our world-class program, Air Partner places customers at the heart of every decision, differentiating its offer from competitors and delivering the highest standards each and every time. Our expert team prefer to get to know clients and understand what their current needs are, and are always reachable 24/7. 

Air Partner also offers personal airport representation for departure and arrival, as well as arrangements for personal ground transportation and a custom onboard dining experience, bringing additional conveniences for a truly seamless experience. And for the most memorable times, we even go the extra mile to mark important milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions. 

What does the future hold for jet cards?

A private jet experience is more accessible now than ever before, and frequent travelers still look for a superior experience and personalized service. Financially, it is well within the reach of those who regularly fly first or business class. At Air Partner, we are seeing a growing need for flexibility and reliability, and many people are looking for private flight solutions that will help them continue to fly for business or leisure. 

How do I become a JetCard member?

Ask about our membership options to find out how your private jet membership can be customized for you. Let us know your flying preferences, how many hours you intend on flying and frequent destinations you fly to. If you are flying privately for the first time, our team of experts are on hand to answer any of your questions.


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