A new class of business jet – The Bombardier Global 7500

Monday, May 24, 2021

The Bombardier Global 7500 gives a whole new meaning to luxury global travel. As the largest and longest-range jet in the market, the Global 7500 can reach a range of 7,700 nautical miles or the equivalent of flying non-stop from New York to Hong Kong or London to Singapore, revolutionizing the way we travel, whether for business or leisure.

The exceptional range of this aircraft has been central to its design, with carefully thought out living spaces to provide ultimate comfort during long-range flights. There are four separate cabin zones, as well as a dedicated crew suite and a well-equipped kitchen with facilities to prepare meals for all passengers on board. 

The Bombardier air purification and circulation systems, which are only available on their Global aircraft, purifies and replaces the cabin air providing cleaner air to breathe, helping to combat jet lag, and leaving passengers feeling more refreshed.

The main cabin

The main cabin offers some stand out features including the large, well-positioned windows, filling the cabin with natural light, and is an ideal space for working, relaxing or dining in flight. 

The newly designed Nuage seats transform the comfort and design of business jet seating. The three features are a tilt system for a deep recline, a tiling headrest for comfort and a unique floating seat base, allowing you to smoothly position and rotate the seat effortlessly. 


The entertainment suite

This separate area is ideal to relax in. Recline on a divan in front of a large high definition screen, featuring surround sound system. Bombardier's patented “nice Touch” cabin management system means you can control your environment with an OLED touch dial – the first and only to be seen in business aviation. 

The master suite

With long flight range capabilities, sleep facilities on the Global 7500 are essential. The space in the master suite allows passengers to sleep on a proper bed, rather than a converted divan, and offers complete privacy from the rest of the cabin. 

The en-suite

The en-suite features all of the expected amenities, including vanity and shower, as well as a large window that is well-positioned to let in plenty of natural light. 

Key aircraft features:

Passenger capacity: Up to 19 passengers
Baggage capacity: 20 - 25 medium cases with access to baggage throughout the flight.
Maximum range: 7,700 nm
Top speed: 0.925 MACH 
Cabin height: 6 ft 2 in 
Cabin width: 8 ft 
Cabin length: 54 ft 5in 

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, the Global 7500 offers a new class of jet to the market. If you would like to find out more details for chartering the Global 7500, contact us today.

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