Air Cargo Solutions to Transport Heavy & Outsized Cargo

Transporting heavier, longer, or wider freight presents unique challenges that demand specialized heavy-lift transport solutions.

As a global leader in the air charter industry, our cargo specialists are experienced with addressing heavy & outsized transport requirements via air cargo charter services, offering access to aircraft with sufficient payload capacity, and tailoring solutions that will ensure the safe, efficient, and timely transportation of your heavy consignments.

What is heavy & outsized cargo?

Heavy & outsized cargo exceed the standard measurements and weight limits of conventional transport options.

Many include oil industry equipment, mining equipment, vehicles, and even large-scale generators. These items require not just specialized handling but a strategic approach to logistics, planning, and execution. 

Our broad industry experience allows us to serve a diverse range of clients. Whether it's industrial equipment, aircraft engines, stage sets, or heavy machinery, the Air Partner Cargo team has the expertise and resources to manage your most demanding logistics requirements.

“Chartering an aircraft for heavy and oversized cargo requires specialized loading procedures and serious attention to every detail…” states Joe Lacek, US Cargo Account Director, “It is the most expensive single operation in the world of logistics. My best advice is to plan in advance and rely on the expertise of heavy lift professionals like Air Partner to ensure your cargo is safe and your investment is successful.” 

Ensuring a Seamless Heavy Lift Operation

When it comes to transporting heavy and outsized cargo, our air cargo experts consider several key factors:

1. Size and Weight of the Item:After accurately determining the dimensions and weight of the object to be shipped, we can identify the cargo aircraft that can best carry the shipment and how it should be loaded onto the cargo hold. Our Cargo team also considers special requirements and factors for freight transportation, such as the center of gravity, lifting and lashing points, and overall weight and height restrictions.  


2. Cargo Aircraft Specifications:Cargo aircraft have different technical specifications, such as cargo hold dimensions, maximum payload, and weight limits. Our experts will choose an aircraft that can accommodate your shipment and consider the airport infrastructure at both the departure and arrival points — as some airports do not support the weight of oversized shipments. 


3. Loading and Unloading Equipment: We go beyond merely providing air cargo solutions. With our globally vetted network of packing experts, surveyors, and crane operators, we ensure the secure handling of your cargo. We utilize specialized equipment, including external cranes and high-capacity forklifts, and trucking solutions to handle oversized cargo efficiently. 


4. Logistics Planning:Your dedicated Account Manager will work directly with you and airport and third-party personnel to ensure compliance with all necessary permits and plan for contingencies. With on-site logistics, crew supervision and 24/7 global support when needed, you can be certain that you have the necessary assistance every step of the way during your heavy lift cargo transport.

Contact our Global Cargo Charter Team 24/7/365. 

Our Cargo Charter team can provide you with the best recommendations for your heavy-lift cargo projects and is available for consultation at any time. See our top recommended aircraft for your heavy & outsized projects. 



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