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How does a jet card programme work?

A jet card programme is suited to frequent flyers who need flexibility and prefer to pay a fixed hourly rate, rather than live market prices. Our JetCard programme offers fully inclusive, fixed hourly rates across five aircraft categories with no hidden costs.

You can purchase 25 hours or more, which are debited from your account balance as you fly. You can purchase more hours as you wish.

What are the benefits of having a jet card?

Our JetCard programme offers ultimate flexibility. Benefits include; guaranteed availability, cancellation without fees incurred 72 hours prior to departure, zero peak-day charges, endless expiry date on hours used, a 15% discount on qualifying round trips and unlimited users. Your fixed hourly rate is inclusive of all costs including positioning, handling fees, de-icing and more.

How many people can I fly with my JetCard?

 You have an unlimited number of users on your JetCard.

Can I pre-book flights and cancel at a later date with no fees and when is the latest I can book with guaranteed availability?

We encourage our members to book as far in advance as possible to secure preferred aircraft from our JetCard fleet and desired airport slots.

Rest assured that you can cancel up to 72 hours prior to departure and fixed rates are guaranteed before you fly.

Can I interchange from my subscribed aircraft category using the same JetCard for specific flights?

Members can upgrade and downgrade through the cabin sizes with no premium. When interchanging, cabin size availability is still guaranteed within 72 hours.

Do my purchased hours have an expiration date?

Purchased hours have no expiry date.

How do I arrange flights on the programme?

All members have a dedicated Account Manager from our Members Services Team to arrange flight schedules and travel itineraries. To confirm bookings, Members simply contact their dedicated Account Manager with their proposed flight schedule and will receive an initial itinerary. All the necessary arrangements and finer details such as slots, permits, ground transportation and bespoke catering will be taken care of.

How are flight charges calculated?

Flight times are calculated using an external flight planning tool which automatically calculates the flight time based on the origin and destination of the Flight, and on averages in each category of aircraft types. Taxi time is included in the Flight time. Taxi times are 6 minutes at either end of the flight(s) totalling 12 minutes.

Once I’ve joined as a member are there any additional costs I need to be aware of and where are my funds held?

The JetCard is fully inclusive of all associated costs including but not limited to; high-density airport fees, bespoke catering, fuel surcharges and de-icing. Additional costs may apply when travelling with pets.

How do you compare against others within your space who offer a similar Card programme?

With over 60 years in the aviation industry and 12 years of experience across our Members Service team on average, we're on hand to guide you through any questions you may have, with our operations team available 24/7, 365 days a year.

JetCard by Air Partner is widely recognised for providing Members with assured flexibility, competitive rates, and high-quality aircraft. This enables us to deliver an exceptional service experience every time.

What is the difference between buying a JetCard and fractional ownership in terms of commitment, cost and suitability?

JetCard by Air Partner offers all the advantages of aircraft ownership, including but not limited to guaranteed availability, flexible cancellation policies and backup aircraft, without the large capital outlay and exposure to asset depreciation. Members benefit from an experienced aviation services group with 24 locations worldwide to assist with every detail of your flight.

Comparatively, the fractional ownership concept requires a significant financial commitment in a depreciating asset, as well as ongoing monthly management fees and other variable charges.

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