Swift solutions for a financial roadshow

Key Facts 

Industry: Finance
Length of trip: 3 days
Passengers Flown: 6
Number of flights: 8


We were tasked with organising a roadshow tour for senior directors across 8 cities in 3 days. After the tour was completed, one of the directors was then travelling onward to Hawaii for a family holiday. A Gulfstream 550 was used for the group tour – a large jet with ample range for each trip and plenty of cabin space for 6 passengers, as well as a separate washroom. Although they had to do a large amount of travel in a small space of time, the peaceful on-board experience enabled them to use this time to relax or carrying on working in flight.

The deal was closed earlier than expected, meaning that the financial roadshow ended 24 hours ahead of schedule. However, the client was already on the flight to the final, now unnecessary, meeting in San Francisco. The client requested to continue straight on to Hawaii once arriving into San Francisco to meet his family early.

We sourced a smaller Challenger 350 for the ongoing journey – an ideal aircraft for this trip that also resulted in a cost saving for the client. Before having even landed in San Francisco, the client had agreed to the proposal and both flight plans and bespoke catering were swiftly organised. Owing to the flexibility and quick response of the Air Partner team, the client landed in Hawaii and met their family 24 hours ahead of schedule.