Critical evacuation after Lombok earthquake  


Following a time critical request, we immediately sprang into action to safely evacuate the daughter of our JetCard member in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in Lombok.

In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake and with a limited supply of aircraft, we needed to efficiently and effectively coordinate logistics to get our client’s daughter in the air as quickly as possible.

Using our experience and extensive network, we worked around the clock to arrange an immediate jet from Lombok to Singapore, which was no mean feat given the scarcity of available aircraft. Unfortunately, we were then faced with the authorities’ decision to close Lombok to non-scheduled traffic, so we reacted immediately and adapted our plans quickly to arrange a helicopter to the nearby island of Bali instead, where the client met their jet that took them onwards to Singapore. 



“I am extremely grateful to the Air Partner team for acting so quickly. I never imagined I would have to use my JetCard under such circumstances and I couldn’t be more relieved that this journey was made possible.” Mr John Roberts – JetCard member