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Key Facts

Number of passengers: 2,000
Number of flights: 6

Almost 2,000 Nigerian nationals who become stranded in the UK due to the Covid-19 pandemic needed to be repatriated back to multiple cities within Nigeria. With an ongoing international air travel ban across Nigeria and stringent processes for all arriving passengers, it was paramount for the Group Charter team to have a detailed understanding of the procedures to ensure the citizens were reunited with their loved ones back home without delay.

The Group Charter team coordinated a series of six charter flights over a three week period. Due to the time-sensitive nature of the flights, it was critical that the operation ran seamlessly. With the travel restrictions in place, the team had to liaise with both the UK and Nigerian Governments to be granted special dispensations for the flights to operate.

A Boeing B787 Dreamliner was sourced for the flights as it presented a cost-effective and efficient solution to the client, whilst allowing for maximum comfort due to the reduced cabin noise; offering the largest cabin windows of any aircraft; reduced atmospheric pressure inside the aircraft allowing for an overall calmer cabin experience.