Special cargo charter: Handling requirements for air transport

Thursday, March 4, 2021

With new guidance by the FAA and IATA, cargo operations manuals and requirements have been recently updated that affect air cargo and operations on the ground, with specifics to COVID-19 and other safety regulations. Our Freight team actively keeps up with these special details related to transporting cargo containing Dangerous Goods (including Lithium Batteries), Temperature Controlled items, Perishable Cargo, Infectious Substances, and Live Animals. With our expertise in air cargo, we make sure you are compliant with any necessary requirements for air cargo transport, so that you can be assured of a timely transport and a successful delivery – and without delay or penalty. 

With the greatest attention to detail for your cargo handling, we adhere to standards for safety and security at all times. For your cargo flights, we can have a trained team member assess your cargo needs, identify any issues for operations, and review any procedures to transport your cargo. Utilising our global network, we ensure a smooth and secure operation where airport transfers and ground transportation logistics are concerned. For flights that require additional support and documentation, our charter specialists handle all regulatory approvals, diplomatic clearance channels for international routes and permits.

Here are a few new and important updates for special cargo that you should consider:

Dangerous Goods Cargo

Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) have been updated, with modifications to the list of dangerous goods, as well as packing instructions. With global efforts to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine, the requirements for sending cargo with dry ice has been updated for temperature regulation and safe limits for air transport. As well, there are many perishable items, which include medical shipments, non-hazardous chemicals, and food that are shipped with dry ice, so these changes will have an impact on delivering such cargo.

Additionally, packaging for batteries must be clearly indicated and properly marked. Failure to comply can cause delays. There are revised guidelines for transporting lithium batteries, with weight restrictions and required approval.

An air charter specialist on our team can assist with your air cargo charter for Dangerous Goods.

Temperature Controlled Cargo

If you are transporting items, such as medicines, vaccine, COVID-19 viral test kits, or other items that require specific temperature during transport and movement from origin to destination, our team is experienced with these types of arrangements and can provide reliable solutions that meet the requirements of the source as well as the IATA Acceptance Checklist for Temperature Control Regulations (TCR) for cargo being transported.

Read about our recent operations delivering COVID-19 test kits in temperature-controlled containers.

Live Animal Cargo

Live Animals Regulations (LAR) has recently been updated for the safe and secure transport of live animals. The new guidance states that, for live animals being transported, feeding and watering instructions must be properly marked. The Live Animal Acceptance Checklist has also been updated, which must now specify the species and container requirements, along with an addition of the Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) for Live Animals logistics.

Learn more about our Animal Transportation services.

Perishable Cargo

The Perishable Cargo Regulations has been updated to include the Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) for Perishable Logistics and audit checklist. Air transport for perishables, such as various food and plant products, may be challenging due to the sensitive time-constraints and temperature requirements.

Learn more about our Time Critical air charter solutions.

Infectious Substances Cargo

Along with any previous guidelines, there are further packaging, marking and handling requirements for transporting solid medical waste containing Category A pathogens. According to the NAID, “Category A pathogens are those organisms/biological agents that pose the highest risk to national security and public health.” Please consult with us regarding the shipment of this type of cargo.

Contact our Freight team 24/7 for any of your concerns and questions regarding your special cargo requirements. Distinguished by our 60 years in business, Air Partner is committed to helping our clients in a wide range of industries keep their businesses moving when it matters most.

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