Five things to consider for a time-critical charter

Time-critical deliveries are usually required in order to avoid significant costs. For example, our automotive clients often urgently require delivery of parts to avoid production line disruptions. Medical equipment or relief goods are urgently needed when it comes to natural disasters. Aircraft parts are required to be delivered in the fastest way in order to resolve an aircraft-on-ground situation. In most cases cargo charter or Onboard Courier (OBC) solutions are the best options.

It is of utmost importance for companies to find a reliable provider that can react quickly, delivers a good service and has the expertise and the flexibility when it comes to complex missions.

1. Speed & Flexibility

Your time-critical logistic provider should be able to offer flexible bespoke solutions, experience and a good network, to be able to ensure smooth processes in the fastest way.

A time-critical freight delivery process can be complex. It always depends on the freight itself and from where and to where it needs to be delivered. Each step during the delivery process needs to be carried out in the quickest possible way. It starts with a fast reaction to the customer’s enquiry. Air Partner Account Managers are available 24/7/365 and can make an offer within 20 minutes for such time-critical situations. The good daily working relations with airports and airlines enable short turnaround times of enquiries. If your urgent consignment is extraordinary and doesn’t meet the standard or any other changes occur, your provider should always offer flexibility and the right bespoke solution that fits your needs and schedule.

2. Transparency

For any urgent consignment it is important that your cargo provider offers you a reliable tracking system that keeps all delivery processes transparent.

Visibility, security and transparency are important when it is all about minimising asset downtime and optimising your supply chain. Air Partner’s RED-TRACK system is an exclusive real-time tracking system that allows total visibility at every stage of your shipment's journey. Your shipment is personally monitored 24/7 and has the functionality to offer you SMS and email notifications to key contacts through the shipment process. It not only gives you added reassurance that your shipment is in good hands, but it will also help you coordinate the arrival time of the consignment to your client.

3. Confidentiality

If you are a freight forwarding company, you should be working with only those you can really trust.

At Air Partner, we differentiate ourselves from the majority of our competitors because we work purely on behalf of freight forwarders. We do not work with shippers, as we don't want to compete with any of our clients. If you are dealing with urgent go-now deliveries for a shipper or consignee, you can be sure that your client information is held with the utmost confidentiality, and there is certainly no commercial conflict.

We are not a freight forwarder nor an airline; we are simply working for you.

4. Expertise & Reliability

Your emergency logistic provider should offer the expertise and long-time experience for you to be able to expect your shipment to arrive on time.

We use our extensive aviation experience to assist you as a global consultancy partner for any kind of time-critical freight charter or OBC requirement. Arranging a charter is more than just finding the right aircraft. It is the entire logistical process from airport arrangements, specialised loading equipment, flight permissions, security to terminal handling and even door-to-door services. We are even checking the weather forecasts to ensure there are no last minute surprises! 

With our global reach, almost 60 years of experience, access to hundreds of aircraft in every country, innovative tracking technology and our 24/7 operations team, we can deliver anything, whenever and wherever it has to be in the fastest yet most economical way.

5. Cost-effectiveness

When it comes to budget, cost-effectiveness should include value and quality.

At Air Partner, we offer cost-effective solutions with competitive and transparent "all-in" rates without hidden exclusions or surprises. This enables you to understand clearly the costs of the whole project and to have all potentials risks covered, thus enabling you be more competitive. We connect cost-effectiveness with value in providing a high quality service with 24/7 availability worldwide, always putting your needs first.

If you have time-critical freight, we would be delighted to assist you and provide our expertise and service.


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