Dedicated customs handling support for your freight shipments

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Since the official Brexit transition period ended on December 31st, much uncertainty still remains around customs processes and requirements for imports and exports of all freight shipments between the UK and the EU, causing delays to some supply chains as businesses try and navigate through the new rules and procedures.

While many businesses stock-piled at the tail-end of last year in preparation for the end of the Brexit transition period, the anticipated delays many had expected at the ports post-Brexit has yet to be fully recognised. But as stocks begin to run low, and with all freight movements between the UK and EU now subject to the strict new customs procedures, delays are anticipated once again as the demand of imports and exports increases. Air freight remains one of the most efficient and fastest ways to transport goods, which is why we expect more customers to turn to freight charter for a more reliable service, and to avoid the potential backlog at the ports.

Since the beginning of the Brexit process, we have taken extensive steps to minimise any impacts that may be caused as a result. Our priority is to maintain a seamless service to our customers, which is why we have a dedicated customs handling support team in place to take care of all the customs requirements for your shipments. By making us your dedicated customs handling support and charter specialists, you can rest assured your shipment is in the safest of hands, and every detail is taken care of.

When the Brexit regulations came into effect, the new regulations meant that the free movement to fly between the EU and UK changed. Prior to Brexit air carriers were mostly able to fly into, or out of other countries with minimal limitations. Now, with the UK out of the EU, there are new restrictions on aircraft that can operate domestic flights within the UK and Europe. At Air Partner, we are independent experts and work with a range of key operating partners globally. This means we have full access to aircraft capacity from fleets across the UK, Europe and beyond, making us perfectly placed to source any type of aircraft. We are not restricted to a fixed fleet which gives us the flexibility to provide our customers with the most suitable aircraft for their requirements.

The air freight industry has seen many changes in the last year, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and Brexit causing many challenges, however, for 60 years we’ve been providing tailored freight charter solutions across the globe, to meet often complex requirements and tight timescales. With our proven expertise, we will help continue to guide and navigate the way through the regulatory changes as a result of Brexit. If you have any questions about what a post-Brexit world means for your freight shipments, our experts remain available 24 hours a day to assist you. Contact us today.