Charter Group Charter Time-Critical Projects

Time Critical Projects

At a time when many scheduled flight services have been reduced, Group Charter and Private Jets allow companies to fly crews and essential workers between destinations conveniently and safely. With our global scale, experienced teams and 24/7 flight support, we understand the complicated intricacies involved in everyday operations. 


Why use charter?

  • Safety - At a time when duty of care of employees has never been more important, we can work with you to implement a range of safety solutions on the ground and on-board the aircraft. We’re supported by our Safety & Security division, allowing us to provide unrivaled expertise. 
  • Flexibility & efficiency - With many scheduled flight services being reduced, charter allows companies to fly to and from destinations conveniently, at a time that works with their business, allowing crew changes to happen quickly and efficiently.

  • Logistical control - During COVID-19, countries' entry requirements are rapidly changing, our knowledge and up-to-date information allows us to provide guidance to clients to ensure that critical projects are not delayed by crew being unable to get to the end destination.
  • Our experience & global scale - With over 59 years' experience, we're a charter company you can rely on. With 16 locations globally, we're well positioned with charter flights on a global scale. Additionally, we provide additional reassurance of our 24/7 flight support.