Peace of mind for an incentive trip

Key Facts

Industry: Management Consultancy
Length of trip: 5 days
Passengers flown: 5
Number of flights: 6


To celebrate winning a big contract, our client tasked us with organizing a special golf tour across 4 European countries in 5 days.

The Citation Sovereign that was booked for the trip had a technical fault the night before the first flight planned, which could not be fixed in time. Although this situation is rare, our team are well prepared and experienced in these situations, ready to implement a back-up plan to keep our client on schedule.

Our 24 hour operations team were informed about the technical fault just before midnight. We immediately started searching for an alternative option within our network of trusted suppliers and organized an Embraer Legacy. The client was informed first thing in the morning and the jet was positioned and ready for the flight as planned.  Catering and personalized gift packs that were to be presented on-board were transferred to the new aircraft and the client arrived at their destination on schedule. Halfway through their tour, we went above and beyond to surprise the client with a complimentary jet upgrade.